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5 Reasons to Celebrate National Small Business Week 2018

Celebration National Small Business Week April 29 - May 5, 2018
What is National Small Business Week? Since 1963, the Small Business Administration has been recognizing the contributions of entrepreneurs and small business owners across America. Each year, the SBA and its national network of local Small Business Development Centers [...]

Buying a Business in the U.S. – Why 2017 Was a Record Year

BizBuySell’s 2017 year-end Insight Report, shows a record number of businesses changing hands last year, up 27% from 2016. This recent surge is just the latest in what has been a significant rebound since the last recession. This also marks a great opportunity for [...]

BizBuySell Year-In-Review: 2017 Advancements and New Features

BizBuySell 2017 Year In Review
As we approach the New Year, BizBuySell continues its ongoing effort to provide brokers with a richer and more valuable user experience. This year, we’ve advanced this effort by delivering several key enhancements. Here are some 2017 BizBuySell highlights: BrokerWorks – [...]

5 Ways to Use Online Marketplaces to Grow Your Business

how to use online marketplaces to grow your business
Since the mid 90’s online marketplaces have been bringing buyers and sellers together in ways that were never possible before. Unlike traditional ecommerce sites that sell their own products and services, online marketplaces do not own any inventory; they showcase [...]

Small Business Anxieties: Cyberattacks, Amazon and Other Worries

small business anxieties cyberattacks and what worries them most
Apparently, small business anxieties are running higher these days. BizBuySell surveyed 762 small business owners to get their perspective on various economic, political and technological threats. Among their top concerns were cyberattacks, today’s current tax code and [...]