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Award Winning Distillery, Tasting Room, and Restaurant
$590,000Cash Flow: $150,000
Award Winning Distillery, Tasting Room, and Restaurant

Maricopa County, AZ

State of the art distillery with well documented financials and SBA loan eligible. Sales are up 50% year over year and still climbing. Conservative projections show 6 digit sales growth for next year. A full business profile, financials, pictures, press releases, video tour, and 3rd party appraisal will be made available to qualified/interested purchasers after: (1) The attached Non Disclosure Agreement is filled out in full and returned, and (2) You provide us with proof of funds and/or ability to complete the transaction. Unfortunately we have received a lot of requests from individuals wanting to learn how to start their own distillery, and we are not in the business of consulting. The price this business is being offered for is for business, assets, equipment, marks, goodwill, and all FFE. Inventory will be separate, and is expected to be under $100,000 at the time of sale based on raw production costs. A new lease would have to be negotiated with a buyer at fair market value and terms. A 10 year lease with CAMs and NNN will need to be signed, and optional extensions are available as well. The building and all equipment is owned outright by the owner of the distillery. Distillery Equipment includes a 330 gallon mash tun with agitator, three 440 gallon stainless steel fermentation tanks, 330 gallon hybrid pot still attached to a copper 4 plate 12" whiskey column topped my a state of the art dephlamator, 12 plate stainless 12" vodka tower, 12" gin basket, final condenser, parrots beak, (4) 55 gallon stainless steel transfer and holding drums on locking casters with lids and quick connect hoses, distillery hoses, air-pressure powered mobile mash and fluid pump, snap 40 alcohol meter, 2 separate bottle filling stations (Mori gravity filler and Xpress 2 bottle filler, 20+ new oak 53 gallon barrels with a char level 4+, barrel racking fork system, 5,000 lb forklift, custom stainless tables and bottling station, pallet jack, numerous hydrometers and measuring devices, OSHA approved mobile access stairs, commercial racking storage system, 15psi converted low pressure steam boiler (serviced and registered with the state 60 days ago), blow down tank, condensation return tank, 1,000 gallon glycol/water return tank, series progression pumping system, 8hp chiller unit, water purification system including a 96k resin based filter and "big blue" block filter, 5 stage R.O. system with 50 gallon bladder storage system, and hundreds of miscellaneous distillery related tools.

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