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Premier Manufacturer of Conveyor System & ComponentsPremier Manufacturer of Conveyor Systems & Components
Premier Manufacturer of Conveyor System & ComponentsPremier Manufacturer of Conveyor Systems & Components

Oakwood, VA

Project Delta (“Delta” or the “Company”) was originally founded in 1979 when two life-long friends partnered up to purchase a conveyor manufacturing business that was up for auction. Since the early 1980’s, Delta has provided conveyor systems, parts, and maintenance for companies in the mining industry. The Company provides the custom framework, designs, engineering, steel fabrication, and relies on manufacturing vendors to supply steel and other inputs. Historically, the Company primarily serviced the coal mining industry until 2010 when Delta began diversifying its downstream industries and began servicing the potash industry. Today, the Company services salt, gypsum, copper, trona, zinc, sand, and gravel mining companies across the United States and Canada. Delta also recently began selling into the agriculture industry. Delta sells conveyor products, conveyor belt drives, conveyor components and parts, and provides special design and fabrication as well as several different types of conveyor services. Recently, the Company has started selling conveyor structure and conveyor belts to customers. Senior management has been servicing operators in the mining industry for decades and has knowledge about the types of equipment currently being operated in mines. This has prompted Delta to carry unique products that are not sold by the Company’s competitors. Delta is one of the top three bidders on large conveyor projects in the United States and Canada. Revenue has grown by an average of 27% per year from 2016-2019 and the strong growth is expected to continue. Delta has established strong long-term customer relationships due to an exceptional in-house engineering & fabrication teams. Notable investment highlights include: ? Diversified, repeat customer base (low customer concentration) ? Domestic manufacturer (superior quality control & efficient production cycles vs. competitors) ? Diversified End-Markets (mining, potash, agriculture, energy, to name a few) At this stage, Delta is seeking an equity partner who can facilitate the buy-out of one of the current shareholders who is nearing retirement. Attached is the teaser/NDA (page 2). A Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) and other information are available upon execution.

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