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National Franchise Tutoring Company
$2,890,000 Cash Flow: $866,299
National Franchise Tutoring Company

Hays County, TX

Nationally recognized franchise tutoring business comprised of multiple brick and mortar retail locations and well-established contract service business is available for acquisition. This premier tutoring business, located in Central Texas dominating each respective territory, was originally established two decades ago in 1998 and was later acquired by the current owner of the business in 2016. Most of the customers within the retail side of the business are upper-class families with children in K-12 grade levels that live in the surrounding densely populated residential neighborhoods. On the other hand, contract customers brings in a sizable, consistent revenues from the multiple local ISDs and other organizations located in franchise territories exclusively owned by this business. Annual revenues for the most current year were $4,980,000 that was generated from a well mix of multiple retail locations and contract business from multiple schools. As the business dominates a large, multiple territories in this region, there is still a plenty of un-tapped neighborhoods where more retail centers and satellite locations can be placed in. Low cost-to-build another retail location makes easier to expand as each center does not require any high capital expenditure or large SF of building. Competition can be expected for this business industry, but all competitors are focused on a different demographic as this franchise is a premium service that is customized to each individual student while competitors have a pre-set curriculum that is focused on the whole class instead of individualized program. Expanding marketing efforts through social media outlets for the retail side of business while participating in corporate sponsored ADs will tremendously help reaching out to families within all the territories. Alternatively, the contract portion of this business can be further expanded by working alongside all the surrounding 35+ ISDs through RFP (Request for Proposal) and creating long term contracts that will provide consistent sales. Owner involvement is extremely important as the current owner of the business operates this business as an absentee owner and can easily make the many aspects of operation such as labor, marketing a lot more efficient to increase the revenues and profits of the business. This multiple location franchise learning center is in a fantastic position for a potential buyer to take this business to next level by proactively marketing this business and being fully involved in the day-to-day business operations. Listing ID #000590 For more info, please call Moon Kim at 1-866-519-2421.

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