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Unbranded Gas Station,Con. Store, Chkn Franchise with 2 bdrm Apt $49K
$49,000Cash Flow: $110,000Seller Financing
Unbranded Gas Station,Con. Store, Chkn Franchise with 2 bdrm Apt $49K

Franklin County, PA

Price to Lease: USD 49,000.00 only for lease with Goodwill includes Gas Station, C-Store (3500 sq. ft approx.), Chester Fried Chicken Franchise, Uhaul Dealership and 2 Bed room (1000sq. ft. approx.) Spacious Apartment with laundry room and store with monthly triple net lease of $3500/- only. Certain conditions apply for Franchise and its equipments. Note:- 1. Lottery/Lotto provides net $2700/- approx. net income per month plus $200/- ATM and U-haul provides net $2500/- approx. per annum. So Total net fixed income is over $3000/- and rent is $3500/- only i.e. Rent free business for a lease term 2.Chester franchise area can be rented too for $800-1000/-. per month 3. Apartment can save $1200/- per month saving or can also be rented to employee for $800/- including utilities as these will be covered by business. Owner is moving out due to family issues so operating chicken franchise just to keep the business going on I.e. without promotions, advt. etc. so there is 100% scope to build and increase the sale with over 50% profit margin. Really good for a small family with a monthly lease of $3500/- only. for whole store, franchise and two bedroom apartment. Newly renovated Unbranded gas station with convenience store , U-haul Dealership, Chester Chicken franchise and 2 bedroom legal apartment with Kitchen, Laundry room (provides net saving of $1500/-per month) in very safe town looking for new owner. This profitable and well established 30 year old family owned business is located in a beautiful small rural town with big old age homes and near a Penn State University campus as well as the Penn National Golf club. A community center and big state playground is located at the back of building for summer and winter games as well as social activities (i.e. antique car show, ox roast festival, garage sales, fair festival, etc.) and winter camping. Near to all amenities i.e. day care center, elementary school, dollar store 1/2 to 1 mile. Walmart, Lowe's, Grocery stores approx. 4 to 5 miles. The unbranded gas station pumps on average over 15,000 gallons a month with an average profit margin of $0.15 per gallon on gas and $0.20 per gallon on diesel. Convenience store sales averages $28,000.00 a month with a 33% profit margin including the Chester Fried Chicken. Lot size is more than 1/2 acre. Lottery/Slot provides net $2500/- approx. plus ATM $200/- net fixed income per month and Uhaul provides $2500/- approx. per annum. This business has dedicated customers who have been patrons for years. Aside from that, this is the only Chester Fried Chicken franchise with in 50 miles, the only grocery store within five miles, and the only diesel pump within 5 miles on one side and 10 miles on other side town. Adding Soft Ice cream parlor, deli, breakfast, and cold meat products along with hot foods can potentially increase sales by 40%. Setup and Equipments are available. Business on Lease of $49,000.00 plus Inventory with monthly lease of $3500/- per month only including 2 bedroom apartment. Certain conditions apply for Franchise and its equipments.

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