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6Steal an existing profitable Taxi company!Exciting Opportunity! NO Competition...it's MY market
$125,000 Cash Flow: $18,000
Steal an existing profitable Taxi company!Exciting Opportunity! NO Competition...it's MY market

Hood River, OR

A couple years of dedication and diligent hard work has made Hood River Taxi the staple of transportation for the whole Columbia Gorge serving both Northern Oregon and Southern Washington. We're number one on Google, we get most ALL the calls and our response time and reliability factors have made us the "go to" cab company in the area. There is only one other cab company here and they've pretty much given up. Rarely do we see their cars on the road as mine are putting between 5-16,000 miles per month. My drivers are all happy money making independent contractors. The city will not allow Uber or Lyft here, they want dedicated sober drivers like they're getting with us, the best transportation company this Gorge has ever seen. Those services work great in cities, but not small towns, especially with this being a party tourist town that triples it's size each summer with tourists and weddings. The Columbia Gorge is the number 2 in America and in the top 10 worldly wedding destinations. It's absolutely beautiful here. I've done nearly ALL the legwork, this is a GOLDMINE. We've got 4 cabs, 1 non-emergent ambulance and 1, 32 passenger Limo Bus. I gave over 9,000 rides last year in just one car, with an average fare of $18. That's just one car. We are a definite good will service company very well known in the community, the ONLY cab company ALL the local restaurants, bars, hotels, motels, et al rely on and refer.

Established Fertilizer Distributor
$1,300,000Seller Financing
Established Fertilizer Distributor

Hood River County, OR

Nestled in the heart of the Hood River Valley at the base of Mt. Hood, Valley Ag Service was started in 1985 with one truck and was a one man show. Now after 32 years, the family-owned company has grown and diversified with the farming community, using the finest and most up-to-date products available. Serving over 300 customers in Hood River, Wasco and Klickitat Counties. Total bulk fertilizer sold is about 2,000 tons per year. In addition, they deliver about 2,000 tons of lime and dolomite, 500 tons of nitrate plus 270 tons of gypsum.