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Mobile Smoothie Cafe with Coffee and Shave Ice
$80,000Cash Flow: $3,453Seller Financing
Mobile Smoothie Cafe with Coffee and Shave Ice


This great mobile smoothie, coffee, and shave ice business is a local favorite. Enjoyed by children and adults alike, these drinks are 100% natural and have no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Making these smoothies is easy, too! With the proprietary blend of ingredients, quality and consistency are built-in benefits. This business is currently operated from a 14’ by 6’ trailer that can be pulled behind an F-150. All equipment for running this business fits inside the trailer and includes blender, a generator, a 3- compartment sink, a hand washing sink, water heater, shelving, grey water tank, fresh water tank, and coolers with lids. Currently this shop can be found at local fairs, races, festivals, tournaments, block parties, corporate events, as well as throughout the city on a warm day. Though this business is a local favorite in Nebraska, it could also be your local favorite as this business is mobile and can be taken anywhere in the world as you have a license to operate another franchisee does not have an event protected. Laws in the area state that you must have a brick and mortar commissary. You could rent the commissary from the current owner or find a new location. Outside of the area, local governments may have different regulations. This business just earned a contract with a local arena to serve at every event with or without alcohol! Equipment: $70,321: Blender, a generator, a 3-compartment sink, a hand washing sink, water heater, shelving, grey water tank, fresh water tank, and coolers with lids, rolling cart and catering set-ups Trailer: $10,000 Inventory: $7,605: Smoothies, coffee, supplies, etc. Intangible Assets: Consistent product, franchise recognition, local favorite, mobile and flexible *amounts may vary Year Established: 2013 Location: Mobile, Currently in Nebraska Customer Demographics: Children’s favorite item is shave ice, Adult favorites are smoothies and coffee Events Last Year: 40 Trailer: 84 sq. ft. = 14’ long x 6’ wide Reason for Selling: Capital for Other Ventures Employees: Owner is sole owner operator Hours: 1-hour prep, 1-hour clean up, + event time Seller Training Period: 90-day transition Growth Opportunities: Increase events throughout the year, expand service areas, expand coffee sales, increase fundraising partnerships Current Owner’s Responsibilities: sole owner and operator

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