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Branded Beer & Wine Home Brewing Equipment eCommerce Retailer
$135,000Cash Flow: $72,133Seller Financing
Branded Beer & Wine Home Brewing Equipment eCommerce Retailer

Tampa, FL

This BRANDED Amazon FBA Company is in a trending home-based wine & beer-making niche, offering environmentally friendly, easy to use at-home brewing equipment that gives buyers the opportunity to make their own alcoholic beverages the way they want them, when they want them. Centered primarily in the wine segment but also catering to beer drinkers, this business offers a 100% branded line of top-quality products from both a polished website storefront as well as a five-star ranked Amazon seller storefront which is fulfilling entirely via FBA/remote fulfillment. Thanks to their diversity and velocity, this unique retailer maintains a fairly tight lineup of SKUs and has a killer lineup when it comes to seasonality and platform agility. Core products, such as hydrometers, are supplemented by a number of cross sell consumables such as wine corks, meaning the destination buyer will likely remain a recurring consumables buyer, enhancing the average customer’s LTV to the company. With current ownership investing a mere two hours daily into overseeing profitable brand operations, with little to no overhead, and a completely turn-key, remotely fulfilled, branded Amazon platform, the value propositions for this company as both a strategic as well as a standalone acquisition speak for themselves – just about any buyer can step in the door and take the reigns of this hugely agile and massively scalable business, and take it to its maximum potential with even the least amount of effort. This eCommerce Company is a trendy retailer that is more than ready to diversify into international markets with Amazon, a more comprehensive paid advertising and social presence for the website, as well as the addition of new products and categories to match the Home Brew Niche. Business Listed by: Technology & Internet Business Brokers

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