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$767,250 - $1,580,950

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No Financing Available

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CEO Name
Pete Jr. and Jim Plamondon



Roy Rogers restaurants are based on a Western theme with quick-service menu offerings such as the Double R Bar Burger, Roast Beef Sliders, and the Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich. Other menu offerings include fried chicken, cheeseburgers, salads, baked beans, mashed potatoes, and fries. Customers may also purchase breakfast items, including sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes. Brownies, ice cream, and other desserts round out the menu.

The Roy Rogers franchisor is headquartered in Maryland, and most of the restaurants are in the same region. The brand celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018.

Why Choose Us?

A Roy Rogers restaurant may be a good choice for a franchisee who wishes to work with a smaller franchisor that can offer good support. Additionally, the franchisor allows franchisees to participate in their communities with activities such as restaurant fundraisers and family nights. The Roy Rogers menu offers some food choices that are different than the standard hamburger quick-service chains. This variety may appeal to franchisees who want to provide customers with unique, high-quality food. These additional menu items may also help franchisees to find success in a competitive market.

The Roy Rogers brand has existed for 50 years and has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent decades. This may improve a franchisee's chance of success. Additionally, the Roy Rogers system is well-developed, offering franchisees everything including point-of-sale hardware, inventory and ordering instructions, and marketing resources. Franchisees may be able to choose from a variety of restaurant options, including freestanding buildings, drive-thru pads, and endcaps in shopping centers. Additional opportunities may exist as well: opening nontraditional locations (such as airport restaurants) or purchasing company-operated restaurants.

Ideal Candidate

An ideal candidate for a Roy Rogers franchise is someone who wishes to live and work in the mid-Atlantic region, as this is the area where the brand is currently expanding. Additionally, the franchisor prefers candidates who have experience in the food industry or who are willing to hire an experienced operating partner. The financial qualifications are also fairly substantial: a franchisee must have a net worth of $1 million and at least $500,000 in liquid assets.


The Roy Rogers brand started in 1968 in Falls Church, Virginia. The brand centered on providing high-quality food in a quick-service environment with a Western theme. In the 1970s, the menu expanded from the original roast beef sandwiches to include fried chicken and burgers. This timeframe was also when the brand began offering its signature "Fixin's Bar" in restaurants, which allowed customers to add toppings to their sandwiches based on their individual preferences.

In 1980, a historically significant franchise opened in Frederick, Maryland (the modern-day headquarters): one owned by Pete Plamondon Sr. Though the Roy Rogers brand would go through some changes over the next few decades, including being sold to Hardee's, Mr. Plamondon and his family are responsible for the brand's resurgence beginning in the late 1990s. In 1998, Pete Sr. sold the brand to his two sons, Pete Jr. and Jim, who now serve as the co-presidents of Plamondon Companies, the franchisor for Roy Rogers restaurants. Throughout the early 2000s, Jim and Pete Jr. worked to reboot and expand the brand while remaining true to the concept's original roots of high-quality Western-themed food.

Training And Support

Franchisees and managers receive 10 weeks of training from the franchisor prior to the opening of the restaurant. This training includes both hands-on activities and classroom work. Franchisees also have access to the operations manual.

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