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$165,400 - $459,750

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No Financing Available

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Stanley Ma

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Ranch One is a fast-food style restaurant that offers a variety of chicken-based dishes. The signature menu item is a sandwich featuring flame-grilled chicken topped with toasted almonds, mixed greens, and a roasted red pepper sauce. All Ranch One menu items are advertised as healthier alternatives to traditional fast-food burgers and sandwiches. They feature high-quality ingredients that are freshly prepared.

Customers can also get other chicken dishes at Ranch One. There are several "specialties," including a grilled chicken fajita wrap and buffalo chicken Caesar wrap. Chicken fingers, fries, and teriyaki chicken bowls are also available. If customers prefer beef, there is a grilled steak fajita wrap option.

Why Choose Us?

As there are only a few Ranch One restaurants currently in operation, this could be a good opportunity for franchisees who want to contribute heavily to the brand's growth. Ranch One's parent company, Kahala Brands, Ltd., successfully manages over 30 different brands and franchises, many of which have shown good success. As such, Ranch One franchisees may benefit from a system designed by an experienced franchisor.

The Ranch One brand is fairly unique among other fast-food restaurant offerings. The menu focuses mainly on chicken dishes and offers customers delicious food that is fresh and healthy. The brand is built on using high-quality ingredients and catering to customers who are looking for healthy alternatives to traditional fast food. Both of these concepts seem likely to find success in the current marketplace where many people seek to make healthier dietary choices.

Ideal Candidate

While Kahala Franchising, LLC does not require franchisees to personally oversee their operations, this sort of hands-on management is encouraged. Therefore, ideal candidates are those who want to be actively involved in the daily operation of the restaurant or who are willing to hire and oversee a supervisor. Additionally, good candidates should be interested in promoting a fairly new brand while following the well-established franchise system. Ideal candidates should also meet the financial requirements: $250,000 net worth and $100,000 of liquid assets.


The Ranch One concept started in 1990 with the goal of providing an alternative to traditionally unhealthy fast food. Ranch One franchises have been available since 1993, though until 2012 both franchised and corporate-owned restaurants operated under the name Ranch *1. Currently, Kahala Franchising, LLC offers Ranch One franchises to entrepreneurs. This corporation operates under the parent company Kahala Brands, Ltd, which has been in existence since 2012. Affiliates of the franchisor have in the past operated corporate-owned Ranch One locations, but as of 2017, all locations are owned and operated by franchisees.

Training And Support

Training is available for the franchisee (or designated manager) and another employee. The franchisor requires these individuals to successfully complete the training program (approximately 80 hours). Part of the program takes places at the Kahala Training & Education Center in Arizona. In-store training may occur at the franchisee's restaurant or another location designated by the franchisor.

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