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$1,008,000 - $2,214,080

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Steve Easterbrook

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McDonald’s is committed to using its size and reach to set an example in responsible leadership by using nutritional ingredients, reducing waste and using sustainable and humane sourcing. The company wants customers to feel good about visiting them and embraces the opportunity to collaborate with their partners and communities.

The organization strives to be inclusive and embraces worldwide diversity. Participating in knowledge-sharing and including eclectic insights helps address the global community at the local level. By working with community-based organizations, McDonald’s incorporates services and perspectives that help address the challenges in those communities.

Hamburger University provides an educational experience that encompasses everyone. It inspires the level of commitment and engagement needed to drive business growth. At the same time, McDonald’s strives to stay in sync with the regional and cultural traditions of each country in which they operate.

Why Choose Us?

The McDonald’s name and golden arches are recognized around the world. Franchise owners become part of this unique community which is safer than lesser-known organizations. It comes with loyal customers and industry best practices to aid in their success.

The scale of the brands helps entrepreneurs achieve financial independence by eliminating much of the risk that small business owners often face. Additional benefits include:

  • Use of the operating system and trademarks
  • Local and national support for operations, marketing assistance, human resources and a broad range of other areas
  • Business knowledge and personal growth from training and company experts
  • Support in a collaborative business environment

World class training helps owners succeed in the restaurant business, which can be a challenging industry. The McDonald’s support system provides the resources needed to own a successful, thriving business.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal McDonald’s candidate is a dedicated entrepreneur with a commitment to their community. They have experience in the restaurant industry and focus on customer satisfaction. Candidates are ready to make a long-term, if not lifetime, commitment to retaining existing customers, regaining those that McDonald’s may have lost and converting new customers with the expanded coffee and snack items. Technology is a big part of the continuous innovation of the company. Candidates must be open to continuously learning how it can help provide better service and incorporating into daily operations.


In 1954, Ray Kroc was a Multimixer salesman. He visited a small, successful restaurant in San Bernardino. The effectiveness of the operation and the fact that the menu focused on a few items, allowed them to provide quality meals and quick service. The following year, the owners were looking for a franchising agent. Mr. Kroc founded the McDonald’s System, Inc. By 1958, he had sold over 100 million hamburgers, and a few years later, he bought exclusive rights to the McDonald’s name.

As a result of his rapid expansion, there were more than 700 U.S. restaurants by 1965. Development continued to international markets in 1967. The system he built used uniform preparation methods to ensure menu items tasted the same everywhere. He persuaded all franchisees and suppliers to work together towards the same goal: quality service, cleanliness and value.” This consistency created an innovative supply system that was integrated and efficient. It helped the brand grow by leaps and bounds.

From perfecting the burger to adding breakfast sandwiches, chicken nuggets and the McFlurry, McDonald’s is continuously innovating and adapting to new trends and technology.

Training And Support

Training is required before a franchisee can purchase restaurants. It takes approximately 12-18 months and may be completed on a part-time basis.
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