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Ashley Wright

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Hamburger Mary's is an eclectic restaurant/bar that caters to the LGBT community. The company describes itself as an "open-air bar and grille for open-minded people." In addition to gourmet burgers, wraps, and sandwiches with all the sides, Hamburger Mary's offers entertainment. Shows such as "Dining with the Divas," cabaret performances, and karaoke nights feature local talent.

There are 20 Hamburger Mary's scattered across the United States, Canada, and Germany. Each one is unique and has its own style, with a focus on flair and panache. The operative word for these restaurants is relaxed. Everything from the menu to the service to the décor is meant to convey a fun, welcoming night on the town.

Why Choose Us?

Hamburger Mary's is an up-and coming franchise with a lot of customer appeal. It is not widely spread, so there is plenty of room for growth. While owners do need to accurately represent the Hamburger Mary's brand, they can still make their own restaurant unique and a reflection of their particular locale.

The company has worked hard for 40 years to define an identifiable brand, so any franchisee entering the business reaps the benefits of that brand. Hamburger Mary's is well-established in the LGBT community and is known for its outreach and charitable programs. This means a new franchise has quickly accessible ways to become visible in the neighborhood that are already a part of "The Mary Show."

Ideal Candidate

An ideal franchisee would be someone who enjoys entertaining others in a flamboyant, enthusiastic style. A good candidate must also have prior experience running a sit-down restaurant with a full bar. As Hamburger Mary's plays a role in the neighborhood by providing charitable service, outreach, and performance opportunities, the ability to relate to the community and form connections and partnerships with key community players is also desirable.


The first Hamburger Mary's opened in San Francisco in 1972. It was primarily a beer and burger place that stayed open late for all who cared to wander in. Running on a bargain budget, it used mismatched dishes and featured repurposed, kitschy artwork on the walls. These things later became part of its signature charm. From the beginning, the LGBT community felt at home at Hamburger Mary's and has always been a part of the vibrant, artistic atmosphere.

The second Hamburger Mary's opened in Hawaii and soon others were established in towns across the United States. Each location is unique and reflects the character of the owner and the town. However, they all have the same food with a full lunch and dinner menu and a full-service bar offering cocktails, special beers, and wines.

In 2007 Hamburger Mary's was purchased by the current owners, twin brothers Ashley and Brandon Wright and Dale Warner. Mr. Warner is the owner-operator of two Hamburger Mary's, one in West Hollywood and another in Long Beach. The Wright brothers are owners in investment groups that own three Hamburger Mary's in Chicago, Oak Park, and Milwaukee. Under this leadership the company is seeking to expand franchises throughout the United States, Western Europe, South America, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

Training And Support

Training is conducted by the owners on location at a Hamburger Mary's. There is no tuition fee for initial training.

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