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Detailed Information

Capital Required
$30,000 - $35,000

Liquid Capital

Net Worth

Financing Assistance
Available Via Third Party

Training and Support

Initial Franchise Fee

CEO Name
Brian Bazely

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Existing Units



Driverseat offers two transportation services. The franchisee hires Coachmen (drivers) to provide services.

Driverseat Chauffeur services has Coachmen drive customers cars if they are elderly, need to work while traveling or if they have consumed alcohol or drugs.

Driverseat Shuttle services has Coachmen drive company vans for airport runs, weddings or for companies who need their employees driven to work.

The franchisee works from a home office on business development, marketing and talking with customers about their needs.

Why Choose Us?

Driverseat is a unique business in that it is a home-based model but is very scaleable. The franchise owner works from home on business development, marketing and discussing clients needs with them by phone. Their Coachmen are then sent to provide services through a mobile app that connects the Coachman with the customer. The app handles booking, billing, customer feedback, tracks their driving habits and daily sales reporting.

Driverseat is a progressive company with a signficant amount of technology. The growing need for designated drivers is complimented with the specialty transportation services Driverseat offers.

Driverseat franchise owners enjoy owning a large, scaleable business that has low requirements for capital spending. In addition, owners are proud of the fact they provide a much needed service in their community, reducing impaired driving and helping the elderly with transportation.

Driverseat franchisees receive extensive training and support through the corporate office team.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has a good mix of interpersonal skills & competencies to lead a team. Business and marketing experience is not necessary but can be beneficial. The ideal candidate will be an omnivert to an extravert, will be passionate about people & will demonstrate strong leadership skills. They will have a strong sense of accountability & will enjoy being responsible for their success. As a significant part of the day will be spent talking with others (their Coachmen, customers and office staff), the ideal candidate will be an excellent communicator.


Driverseat was founded in 2012 by two brothers who saw an opportunity to have drivers (Coachmen) drive customer's cars for them when they weren't able to, or using better judgement, chose not to drive themselves. The core business of designated driving, assisted transport & chauffeur services would soon be enhanced with

Driverseat Shuttle services, having Coachmen drive company vans to transport customers.

With a strong business model & a successful launch, the founders franchised the business, built the first mobile app and started growing across Canada. The business is now opening new locations in the U.S.

Training And Support

Driverseat has an extensive training and support program. There are 6 areas of focus.

  • New Franchisee Training (NFT). 3 weeks of online training from the home office. 1 week of training at corporate headquarters. 10 hours of homework. 5 weeks of post online training from the home office.
  • Webinars. New programs, marketing initiatives or software updates are taught by webinar.
  • Driverseat University. An online e-learning course with testing that is video, picture and text enabled.
  • Live Coaching. This is done as franchisees need help in an area or when the support staffs see an opportunity to help develop or improve an area of the business. This is one on one coaching.
  • Annual Conference. This 3-day event is mandatory for every franchise owner but spouses, managers, supervisors and partners are welcome to attend.
  • Re-training. Franchisees are welcome to attend as much and as many of the NFT days as they can post their initial training to improve their skills.


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