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$2,925 - $14,010

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April Broome

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College Pro strives to equip college students with the tools they need to establish and run a successful painting and window cleaning services business in their regions. The franchise does this by allowing those students to purchase their own franchise for little to no money up front. Franchise trainers then provide 50 hours of classroom training and 56 hours of on-the job training to teach those young entrepreneurs the ins and outs of painting and window cleaning. Though the website describes the experience as a "summer job," the potential to generate real-business revenue (as much as six figures!) prove that the experience is anything but another "summer job."

Each franchisee is given the option to franchise a College pro for a one- or two-year term. In the fall and winter, the "slow" months in the painting and window-washing business, new franchisees come on board and begin training. Training sessions are held over the course of a few weekends and are designed to teach trainees scheduling, estimating, budgeting, crew management and other key sills needed to grow their business. In the spring, franchisees take their classroom knowledge into the field and begin training with a general manager. This is the time they will begin to market their business, look for contracts and create job estimates. Finally, when summer rolls around, franchisees will work with their hired crews to begin fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Why Choose Us?

College Pro provides an opportunity for young and aspiring entrepreneurs to try their hand at business ownership without taking a huge risk. If done right, these students stand to earn more money than many college graduates earn in their first year out of school.

Though money is a huge motivating factor for many College Pro franchisees, the benefits go far beyond the monetary. Franchisees are privy to former franchisees' collective experience, coaching and mentorship. They are also put through rigorous training designed to equip them with the skills they need to not only succeed as an entrepreneur but also, to succeed as a contributing member of society.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a College Pro franchise is a young, entrepreneurial-inclined individual who is looking for more out of a summer job. This person doesn't just want to work to make money—he or she wants to develop real-world skills he or she can apply to achieve success in future endeavors. The ideal candidate has a drive to succeed and the patience to learn the skills necessary to do so.


College Pro was founded in 1971 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada by Cameron Greig Clark and his partner Stewart. When they first founded the company, Cameron and Stewart called it "Stewart & Clark Painting," but in 1972, they changed the name to College Pro Painters. In 1975, they incorporated the business in Canada and three years later, incorporated it in the United States. One year later they began to franchise.

When they first expanded to the United States, Stewart and Cameron opened a regional office in Rochester, New York. They immediately opened 10 company-owned outlets, which they hired 10 managers to oversee. Since then, they have opened six additional regional offices throughout the United States and operate, on average, 400 franchises a year. The division offices coordinate everything from training to marketing while the franchisees and their teams provide the services in their respective geographic locations.

Training And Support

Training consists of 50 hours of classroom training and 56 hours of on-the-job training.

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