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$479,500 - $934,000

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James A. Kruizenga

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Broadway Bar & Pizza originated in Italy with John Spallacci. Spallacci brought with him from Gorviano Valli a special pizza recipe to Minneapolis, where he started a small pizza establishment that sold authentic pizza and delivered world flavor in every bite. Since then, Spallicci's pizza, though sold under a different name, has continued to delight customers throughout Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota. Today, after changing hands a handful of times, Broadway Bar & Pizza continues to serve authentic pizzas in railroad themed restaurants.

Why Choose Us?

Broadway Pizza restaurants continue to use the authentic pizza recipe brought over from Italy by John Spallacci all those years ago. Though subsequent owners have changed and improved upon the recipe over the years, the establishment is known for serving customers the high-quality, worldly pizza for which it has come to be known. In addition to genuine pizzas, Broadway Bar & Pizza has expanded its menu to include hot hoagies, fine pastas and lunch and dinner buffets that set it apart from its competition.

In addition to having a fine reputation, Broadway Bar & Pizza has made a name for itself in one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in today's economy. The pizza industry generates over $30 billion in sales on an annual basis, and forecasts suggest it is only expected to generate more.

Broadway Pizza's leaders provide franchisees with proven management processes, day-to-day support and creative marketing strategies, all of which go toward helping them succeed in their endeavors. They also provide ongoing training designed to teach franchisees what they can do to increase their market share and enhance their financial positions.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a Broadway Bar & Pizza is someone who appreciates the fine flavors of authentic food and who is willing to keep tradition alive by producing pizzas that utilize the foundation John Spallacci created all those years ago.


In 1961, Eddie Peck bought Spallacci's business, along with his delectable recipe. He, his wife and his mother served up Spallacci's pizza in his north Minneapolis district bar and restaurant. The trio made the already tasty recipe even more so by adding to it Eddie's homemade sausage and his mother's simmered unique sauces. The owners perfected a kneaded homemade dough that brought the pies to a whole new level of delicious. It wasn't long before Eddie's pizzas became a neighborhood favorite and turned the old Broadway Pizza restaurant into a standing-room only joint.

When construction on the I-94 began, Eddie, his wife and mother were forced to move their restaurant to make way for the new interstate. Not wanting to move from the neighborhood that brought notoriety to his pizza, Eddie purchased land near the railroad, right in the center of the district that drove the growth of North Minneapolis. To honor the neighborhood that helped his establishment succeed, Eddie chose a railroad theme for his new Broadway Pizza restaurant, which all operations honor today.

Training And Support

The training program is $100/day, plus expenses for employees. Additionally, ongoing training is available and includes 30 hours of classroom training plus 250 hours of on-the-job training.

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