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Paul Brown

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Arby’s is an extremely well-respected organization serving sandwiches quickly and affordably throughout the United States, Canada and seven other countries for the last 50 years. There are more than 3,400 Arby’s locations, and that number continues to grow due to their outstanding reputation among franchise owners and their socially responsible programs.

Arby’s Fast Crafted® and We Have the Meats® services represent some of the best-known slogans and processes and show the effort, strategy and power of the Arby’s brand in the market. Their quality food delivery at an affordable price, and in a quick manner, makes them a preferred option for millions of consumers every day.

Arby’s prioritizes green efforts, social responsibility and excellent customer service as part of its culture. This has led to a high satisfaction level among franchise owners and employees alike. Arby’s participates in several programs to feed the hungry, prevent starvation and bring awareness through a variety of projects.

Why Choose Us?

Arby’s is an outstanding choice for a franchise because it offers the ability for people to become part of a winning culture that builds a future and betters the world simultaneously. Arby’s doesn’t just serve high-quality food at an affordable price quickly; it improves the quality of life for everyone involved.

Arby’s focus on service to its customers and community also extends to franchise owners. Everyone is part of the Arby’s culture. This culture of service also means Arby’s is there for its franchise owners every step of the way from training, through the opening and beyond.

Franchise owners receive quality comprehensive training, continuous 24/7 support, internationally renowned marketing and assistance throughout the entire duration of the franchise operation. Franchise owners do not have to be experts in everything that occurs in their franchise.

Arby’s marketing programs continually assist franchise owners with customer acquisition and retention in order to build long-term revenues and reputation. Arby’s also commits to leveraging innovative technology to maximize franchise performance through mobile strategies, location finders, marketing and operations. Arby’s takes a vested interest in the success of its franchise owners as both business people and individuals through the combination of excellent franchise services, positive reputation and quality food.

Ideal Candidate

An ideal franchise owner is a person who enjoys or wants to be a part of the restaurant industry. They should desire to build a stable future that can establish a source of income and be a part of a culture of which they can be proud.

Potential franchise owners should have a desire to provide excellent customer service, have strong leadership qualities and a willingness to work hard to become the best at what they do.

Candidates who have experience providing excellent customer service, have restaurant or food and beverage experience, come from hospitality or in-person businesses will have an advantage. Good organizational, communication and math skills will also benefit candidates.


Arby's opened its first location in 1964 near Youngstown Ohio. It quickly began offering franchises and in the 1970s opened over 50 sites per year.

The brand purpose of Inspiring Smiles Through Delicious Experiences® started with tasty and straightforward roast beef sandwiches. Leroy and Forrest Raffel felt people needed an alternative to burgers if they needed a fast meal and found a way to provide hot roast beef sandwiches as fast as a burger could be flipped. Thus, Arby's was born. In 1971 they debuted the Classic roast beef sandwich that is still made the same way today.

Many people know Arby's for its curly fries, fun commercials and slogans, but the roast beef sandwich still sits as the core sandwich. Arby's continuous expansion of meaty sandwiches is driving its franchise expansion with an increase in revenues of up to 37 percent since 2011.

Arby's founded the Arby's Foundation 30 years ago. It is dedicated to youth empowering organizations and has donated more than $80 million. These programs prevent hunger, educate and mentor youth.

Arby's has several core principles that are embedded in the way they conduct business, build relationships, make decisions and set goals:

  • Dream Big
  • Work Hard
  • Get it Done
  • Play Fair
  • Have Fun
  • Make a Difference®

With this in mind, Arby's has added chicken, turkey, corned beef, vegetarian options and more keeping the quality of their food and service at an optimum while still being affordable.

Training And Support

The training cost is $1,700 per attendee, with a minimum of three trained managers per location, at all times. Additional, optional training materials are available, including the Cornerstone Learning Management System.

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