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$250,000 - $602,980

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John W Robinson III

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Aaron's Rent-to-Own provides people with the ability to buy their favorite home goods on an affordable payment plan with no credit check. If a person wants to rent without buying, Aaron's offers those options as well. From furniture to electronics, appliances to dishes, Aaron's has it all at affordable prices.

Aaron's has stores throughout the United States open Monday through Saturday with some even open on Sundays. Their website is available 24/7 for some services.

Stores typically provide free delivery services and have a membership benefits program to provide additional value to its customers. The Aaron's Club offers extra lease protection as well as savings on restaurants, shopping at other stores and more.

Customers do not need to have good credit to get what they want from Aaron's. There are EZPay arrangements for automatic payments, so customers do not forget to pay. Aaron's also offers flexible payment plans to work with a person’s budget and provides a same as cash pay off period so if a customer decides to buy the item in a shorter period than the lease period; they can save the leasing fees. Aaron's even offers a way for customers to manage their products in case of financial interruptions, so customers do not lose the credit for payments already made.

Additionally, Aaron's has a community program called Aaron's Gives which works to improve the community.

Why Choose Us?

Aaron’s Rents is an excellent choice for a franchise as it offers goods and services that everyone can use. It is an active member of the community through the Aaron’s Gives program assisting franchise owners with networking, reputation management and improving the owner’s overall profile in the community.

With Aaron’s flexible payment plans, leasing options and payment methods, Aaron’s fits a strong target market within every community making it easier for franchise owners to market, acquire customers and become successful. Aaron’s can also provide financing options for new franchise owners making it easier to afford the franchise.

Aaron’s training and support is reliable and proven through many other franchise and corporate-owned stores, allowing franchise owners to easily relate to other owners and find solutions to any question asked.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate to own an Aaron’s franchise would be a person who has excellent customer service skills, has experience with furniture, appliances or home goods, is a leader with strong organizational skills and has a warm, outgoing personality. Any experience hiring and leading staff will be valuable to properly train and deploy personnel for different purposes.

The candidate can benefit from any business, rental or inventory experience they may have as well as the ability to read and understand reports and accounting although none of these are required to qualify.

Candidates should have a driver’s license to perform deliveries although this can be accomplished through employee hiring and be able to lift and move items with the assistance of appropriate gear and equipment.


In 1955, R. Charles Loudermilk started Aaron Rents purchasing army surplus chairs to rent for ten cents per day. For the next several years, he would buy items as people requested them for sales or rentals and took advantage of tax laws to generate profits. In 1964, the first store opened in the Atlanta, Georgia area where he would refine his business and open several more stores before branching out beyond Atlanta. Aaron's got its name because Loudermilk wanted it to appear first in the yellow pages making it easier to be found.

Through the '60s, '70s and '80s Aaron's continued to sell and rent related party items and then added sales of office and home furnishings. The company grew to hundreds of stores through franchising and corporate expansion when the rental business began.

In the last 30 years, Aaron's has added manufacturing plants and acquired additional companies to create its own supply chain and make more items affordable to rent.

Aaron’s has been recognized as one of the top franchising organizations in the past. It is a publicly traded company and has a significant market share in the furniture rental space, continuing to provide value, affordable and brand name products for lease, layaway and rent throughout the United States.

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