Good Preparation Helps Serial Entrepreneur Sell FedEx Delivery Routes To Focus On New Business Endeavor

Steve Fagiano describes himself as a true entrepreneur, always looking for the next business or industry to try his hand at. In 2012, he purchased a FedEx business outside of Atlanta and experienced immediate success. He grew the business substantially until some unforeseen health concerns led him to consider a sale. Instead of a full exit, however, Steve decided that he could split the business and sell only the home delivery routes portion.

He started the process by simply preparing a package of information regarding the routes based on questions he would want to know as a buyer. He included detailed financial paperwork, process documentation and even information about current employees and their future.

Upon completion, Steve listed the routes on and started receiving interest that same day. He then developed a set of questions to help qualify each prospect and find out which candidates had both the background and the financial capability to successfully buy and run the business. Within 90 days of listing, Steve had a buyer ready and was able to receive very close to his asking price.