Small Business Case Studies

School's Out: A Million-Dollar Lesson On Selling A Business

When it came time to enroll her children in preschool, Joanie Keays had a hard time finding a provider that satisfied her expectations. Rather than settle, she decided to leave her job to start a preschool of her own. Read how Joanie built up the business, the reason she decided to sell and advice on starting your own business.

From Campers to Camp Owners: How This Couple Took A Leap Of Faith To Follow Their Dreams

Sometimes a leap of faith is all a budding entrepreneur needs to find their dream job. For Beth and Larry Muschinski, that meant quitting their lucrative day jobs in Wisconsin and moving their family to pursue business ownership down South. Read how a couple with no small business experience purchased a campground and made it thrive for more than sixteen years later.

How A Revitalization Plan Helped A Beloved Family Tavern Weather The Great Recession

In December of 2007, the United States experienced one of the worst economic downturns in history with the burst of the housing market. While many business owners were looking to exit, one family knew it had what it takes to navigate their business, The Bull Run Restaurant, through the lean times. Read how Alison Tocci took ownership of the family business and turned what were declining profits of under $1 million into a thriving restaurant with revenues of approximately $4 million annually.

Why One Couple Left Corporate America To Run A 160-Year-Old Oar Manufacturing Business

In 2004, after a lengthy stay in corporate America, Steve Holt, an engineer, and his wife Nancy Forster-Holt, a former CFO, purchased a 160 year-old marine equipment business. Today, you can spot its products in the film Lincoln and in the gondolas at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Read how the Holt's won over a hesitant seller and used technology to revitalize a declining a business.

Selling A Small Business While Keeping Your Job: A Win-Win Story For This Auto Repair Shop Owner

In October of 1980, Chicago resident Eric Nerad decided to leave behind his days as a journeyman mechanic to start his own venture. Nerad would spend the next 36 years as owner of B&E Auto Repair, until unfortunate life events caused him to choose between family responsibilities and his auto shop. Learn how Eric sold his business under tough circumstances and how he ensured a smooth transition that allowed him to do what he loves without the time commitment ownership brings.

How One Couple Sold Their Bakery Business In Less Than 30 Days

When the recession hit in 2008, many small business owners struggled to keep their doors open. But for Daniel and Jenny Ramirez, it opened a door for a new career. Having worked in real estate, an industry also ravaged during the recession, the two decided to turn Jenny's baking hobby into a new bakery in Chino, California. Learn how the couple took advantage of a recovering economy to capitalize on their hard work and re-enter the real estate world.

How One Texas Franchise Owner Successfully Sold His Growing Dumpster Business

The more you know about the market and the more you prepare your business for sale, the easier it will be to set realistic expectations and have a successful sale. Read how Pat Nolan, a franchise business owner from Austin, used careful preparation, strong marketing and an adaptive financing approach to attract potential buyers and receive a higher sales price.