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Hokulia Shave Ice- Clinton, UT Area
Hokulia Shave Ice- Clinton, UT Area

Clinton, UT

Authentic Hawaiian shave ice trailer and business for sale for Clinton, UT area. Part of the Hokulia franchise. Franchise office is located close in Layton, UT. Trailer is lightly used. It has been in service 2 yrs. 2019 summer will be its 2nd year of gathering customers and developing marketing pool with current owners but previous owners had it in the same location as well. Sales were $43,000 in 2018 for its first year. Franchise projects 2-3 years to build sales so the hardest year is done for you. When buying a shack and zip code from the franchise the minimum projected amount is $60,000 so you are getting a great deal at $65,000 as the owners are just trying to get out what they initially paid for it. The franchise requires a transfer fee of 10,000 above asking price but we will split the cost with buyer. Trailer is allowed to move anywhere in the 84015 zip code(Clearfield, Sunset, West Point, Clinton) in which you get approval by city, franchise, and parking lot owners. You also have the ability to cater anywhere you want in that zip code with the extra shaver and supplies that come with the business. Catering jobs can be rather large bringing in lots of extra revenue. Other franchisees are willing to lend you supplies and employees for any large catering jobs. The business typically runs seasonally but opening and closing dates are up to you. Catering can go on all year long if you'd like. You can always give up a catering job to other franchisees. The hiring process goes from year to year so you can pick all new employees or get recommendations from previous owners if desired. The franchise has developed the business in such a way that you do not physically need to be present at the shack as owner. Monitoring, ordering and other business can all be done without ever stepping into the shack. Involvement is up to you. Call, text or email for more details or questions. You may also contact the Hokulia franchise directly if you choose.

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