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Asian Fusion w/ Boba Tea
$20,000Cash Flow: $40,000
Asian Fusion w/ Boba Tea

Fort Worth, TX

Asian fusion restaurant with homemade drink recipes is available for acquisition. This business was first established in late-2016 by the current owner of the business. Most of the customers are individuals of a wide array of demographics that live in the surrounding densely populated residential neighborhoods and numerous apartment complexes. Net sales average $130,000/year that has been fairly consistent throughout the last several years of operation without any active marketing other than word of mouth. Online ordering is available that has provided some marketing in the present time, but other proactive marketing methods needs to be utilized to generate more cash flow and acquire new customers. Competition can be expected for this type of business, but this business has a menu with reasonable price points while providing better quality of services, unique food choices and numerous drink options. There are many ways to proactively market this business such as direct mailing, social media outlets, personal website, delivery service, 3rd party delivery, door hangers, hiring a manager and catering service. Catering services within the local area will be extremely beneficial to this business as the population density within the city is very high and will allow this business to grow in sales much quicker. This Asian fusion restaurant has everything in place for a potential buyer to proactively market the business while being fully involved in the day-to-day business operations. Listing ID #000618 For more info, please call Stephen Lee at 1-866-519-2421.

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