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Bulk Garden Materials Firm Strikes Gold in Soil!
Cash Flow: $644,000
Bulk Garden Materials Firm Strikes Gold in Soil!

Davidson County, TN

Garden materials company with two Tennessee locations has seen demand for their bulk product soil mixes SKYROCKET! Created to address bio-filtration and bio-retention storm water management needs of developers contractors and local and federal governments, the products are mandated in new and re-construction (from tear-down), especially when ever there is excavation. Their soil mixes are found in, on and under the most iconic buildings, developments and construction sites in the region. Widely known (over more than 3 decades) for its extensive selection of premium bulk compost, topsoils, mulches, gravels, natural stone, pavers, retainer wall systems, outdoor grills, fireplaces (and hundreds of related products), the company has grown 20% or more each of the last 3 years. The owner pioneered a revolution in soils management, and is only currently involved to help educate municipalities, HOAs and communities whom it may concern of the long-term, demonstrable value of the microbial soils versus topsoil heavy, highly promoted and advertised chemical soil fertilizers and solutions. Topsoil has high clay content, which retains water. These soils are specially mixed with composts, leaves, sand, and other components that promote microbial health of the soil, resulting in clean water runoff, fantastic and lush growth, and a healthy eco-system that rejuvenates the growing medium, and only gets better over time. Only a handful of companies in the US produce anything remotely similar, those product selections are limited, and distribution primitive. Another huge opportunity- explosive potential waiting in repose: a premium brand bagged microbial product series (four bagged products) is available on-site and in area garden centers. Because the product is in-use by the top (flower) landscape service in the region, every other major landscape company follows what they do, and consumer demand and product awareness are high. This product is already sought-after by the big box hardware stores and garden centers- a tremendous opportunity going forward. Through June 30, 2018, revenues are $3,308,000, (110% of 2017 at the same period), trending to exceed 2017 by 130%. Earnings trends through June 30, 2018, are 148% of 2017 SDE, 171% of 2017 EBITDA. 2017 Gross revenues $5,030,000. Projecting well over $6,000,000 in 2018 2017 SDE: $644,000 2017 EBITDA: $439,000 Two locations real estate: recently appraised for $1,187,000

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