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Healthier Vending Machine BusinessA complete, turn-key, premium vending machine business
Healthier Vending Machine BusinessA complete, turn-key, premium vending machine business

Sioux Falls, SD

When it comes to passive income, look no further. Vending is the poster child for passive income and Vendwell is the perfect profitable and flexible small business to fit right into your busy life. With very low monthly expenses, and cutting edge technology built right into each machine, you can enjoy watching sales straight from your smart phone. Vendwell carries higher quality products than a traditional vending business, has state-of-the-art machines, and has been dedicated to providing great service since it's inception. Because of these things, its enjoyed a very happy and loyal client base. Vendwell is perfect as a side hustle since it doesn't demand a lot of time. You can sit comfortably and let the machines make money for you. If your looking for a low maintenance, completely flexible, passive income business to call your own, look no further, Vendwell will be perfect. I purchased 10 machines less than a year ago from Healthier 4U Vending and have just got contracts signed to get the last machine in place, so the hard part of starting a vending business is done. By the time ownership passes, every machine will be completely set up. I can say with complete confidence that some of my most profitable locations have just been installed, meaning my gross revenue of $20,000 (which is the projected gross revenue for a full year of all 10 machines operating currently) could EASILY increase substantially depending on how these new locations perform. For my clients confidentiality, I will not disclose the locations unless your a serious buyer. This is not a traditional vending business with cheap machines that earn nickels and dimes off junk food. Vendwell provides higher quality products in locations where people are willing to pay a premium for better, healthier foods.

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