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TV, film and multimedia production and content creation company
TV, film and multimedia production and content creation company

Charleston, SC

This company is seeking $500,000 from one individual to further production operations and to produce a set of lower-cost shows. The initial funding will be made in the form of a loan to the company accruing 5% interest payable in full within one year. The investor will receive a 10% equity stake in the company with the option to acquire an additional 19% with additional funding. The founder and principal of the company Bud Schaetzle has a long and successful history in the television and music business. He and his production associates have created hundreds of hours of televised, filmed and live programming and, most importantly, have established industry-wide resources and relationships. Their various film, TV and live event productions have collectively grossed more than $100 million. Importantly, Metropolitan’s key collaborators have been making money for other individuals and entities for over 30 years as independent, freelance contractors, earning fees and occasional profit positions. Generally, they’ve enjoyed very limited participation in the continuing revenue streams that their lucrative productions often generate, and they are now eager to create, own and control their own content and copyrights. In this way, the company and its financial partners will derive maximum earnings from each production, control the licensing of the company’s productions, and be in a position to profit from each project’s future exhibition and distribution. The company’s business plan is a risk averse programming strategy structured to minimize capital risk, provide multiple revenue streams, and provide handsome returns for principals and investors. The founder’s extensive experience has led him to understand how, why and when broadcasters and distributors enter into production and distribution contracts. His strategy takes advantage of the proliferation of cable networks and the expansion of the television universe by producing cost-efficient programming designed to help meet the high demand for quality content.

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