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DriveTAB - Text & App BlockerDriveTAB
DriveTAB - Text & App BlockerDriveTAB

Tulsa, OK

DriveTAB is a 3 tier text and application blocker. The DriveTAB application, currently on the Play Store for Android, works with the DriveTAB Transponder (sold separately) that is connected to the vehicle. 3rd, the administrator can connect to the target phone and decide which application are "off limits" while driving, as well as getting 'start' and 'stop' notifications on the use. Perfect for parents of young drivers. When the vehicle is started, any application that is blocked by administrator will not open. The user will get a "stop touching your phone" message. The user can simply stop the car to get use of their applications. Wassco Corporation (WC) had a joint development agreement with very specific duties for each party. The other party failed to perform their obligations at significant cost to WC. After 2 years of litigation, WC won full judgment and secured 100% of everything DriveTAB. The software, the Trademark, the web site, the patent applications (status unknown), all of the inventory, the application and all of the intellectual property relevant to DriveTAB. There are several patents in our design that should be filed. WC has over 10,000 units in stock ready to go to market. I don't have the technical expertise or connections to get this to market. We need an iOS version, notification bypass, which could involve Android and/or Apple cooperation. Auto manufacturers or cell phone companies would certainly have the strength to get this done. This is a product that, in the right hands, could be substantial.

Source and Object Code For SaleIBM Platform: WMS, IMS, OMS and Financial Management
Source and Object Code For SaleIBM Platform: WMS, IMS, OMS and Financial Management

Rochester Hills, MI

We are marketing non-exclusive copies of our Conveyorware Business Distribution software source and object code. Our owner, Fred Ferber, has decided to market this software to allow it to benefit businesses into the future. As a complete e-commerce fulfillment software product that integrates with JAVA script API's to shipping companies (FedEx, Endicia, UPS) and web store platforms (Woo Commerce, Shopify, Magento), Conveyorware is an "all-in-one," affordable software solution built to help small to midsized businesses grow into profitable enterprises. Conveyorware Business Distribution Software was born in the warehousing and distribution business which includes the successful home health care company, Homedics, Inc. Over the years over 1,500 clients of Ferber Warehousing were provided access to Conveyorware as a major benefit of each warehouse contract.

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