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Guide to Selling Your Small Business (PDF version)

Author: Barbara Findlay Schenck

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Book Description:

Produced by BizBuySell, the Internet's Largest Business for Sale Marketplace, and written in conjunction with Small Business Strategist, Barbara Findlay Schenck, author of best-selling business books including Selling Your Business For Dummies, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the small business sales process including actionable advice and step-by-step instructions to help maximize selling success.

This 150-page digital book provides:
  • An overview of the small business sale process
  • Steps to follow as you prepare your business for sale
  • Advice on assembling a sale team and maintaining confidentiality
  • Benefits of using a business broker
  • Tips on how to effectively market your business for sale
  • Advice regarding buyer-seller negotiations
  • Advice on financing and tax implications

Reader Review:

"I am grateful to BizBuySell for providing this kind of information on their site -- a small business owner like myself really needed this objective, unbiased, unemotional 'primer'."
— Patricia F. Hoffman, Health Club Owner

About the Author:

Barbara Findlay Schenck Barbara Findlay Schenck is the author of a number of top-selling business books and the advisor to businesses on marketing and growth issues. She has written online marketing and sales lessons for the Microsoft Small Business Relationship program and served as a marketing specialist for Business Breakthrough, a program presented by MSN and Visa. Barbara is the marketing columnist for the MSN small business channel at Business On Main.

About BizBuySell:

BizBuySell is the Internet's largest and most heavily trafficked business for sale marketplace, with more business for sale listings, more unique users, and more search activity than any other service. BizBuySell currently has an inventory of approximately 45,000 businesses for sale and more than 1.4 million monthly visits. BizBuySell also has one of the largest databases of sale comparables for recently sold businesses and one of the industry's leading franchise directories.

Price: $19.95 FREE!Available Now Download PDF  ▶ registration required

By downloading, you agree to our privacy policy