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2Weekend Rides Used Porsche 911 Parts and SalvageWeekend Rides Used Porsche Parts eb5 eligible
Weekend Rides Used Porsche 911 Parts and SalvageWeekend Rides Used Porsche Parts eb5 eligible

Wayne County, PA

Weekend Rides caters to Porsche enthusiasts all over the world, the company specializes in 1998 and prior air cooled 911 models. The EB-5 eligible company serves enthusiasts and repair shops with a strong international clientele seeking used rebuilt Porsches, 911 parts and salvage. By utilizing a massive inventory of cataloged original used replacement body sections, electrical, mechanical components, interiors, suspensions the company is a leader in its industry providing anything from the smallest rare parts to entire salvage vehicles. The company offered for sale is known best for selling used 911 parts, which are its the core business. The website, aircooled911parts.com is presented merely and solely to give the prospective buyer a real time view of the scope of the inventory. The regular business brand website is fully e-commerce, utilizing the company's long established respected brand. The inventory management system is refined to eliminate duplicate data entry. There is no need for a specific person to write code for the website. Data entry using the company's proprietary system is simple. Web developers made integration of used parts removed from damaged cars appear on customers desktop or mobile device efficient and autonomous and immediate. Data migration is an integral part of the business enterprise. A direct mail campaign is used and coordinated by leading PR firm Riverrock Communications. Email and direct mail campaign done quarterly has a 4 percent return rate sent to continually updated audience of Porsche owners, repair shops and related businesses. The Company advertises in Porsche magazines with a monthly half page continually updated ad. European website and long term European representatives are fully engaged in marketing the companys parts and vehicles, including ongoing presence at Porsche trade events and swap meets. Almost all of the individual parts are purchased either in person or through the companys online e-commerce website and state of art custom used Porsche parts database. The company has long term relationships with customs overseas shipping domestic and long distance transport. The company buys sells and rebuilds approximately 50 Porsches per year. The company is one of the highest regarded Porsche collision repair restoration shops utilizing 34 years of experience on the Celette unibody jig system. Many of the rebuilt Porsches are shipped directly to customers in USA or are shipped overseas at the customers expense. The company is continually itemizing parts and photographed each one. It strived to identify every part in its inventory by Porsche part number, description, quantity, competitor pricing, availability rarity and location within its facility. All of the firms used Porsche parts have been entered in the customized online database, which has taken several years to refine categorize and develop. Unlike the few competitors in this niche market the company has its rare inventory sorted properly and stored. Interestingly less early Porsches are total loss crashes, resulting in less damaged Porsches and fewer used parts being available for the most popular and highly coveted era of Porsches, "the air cooled 911" generation. The company has later model 911 inventory to keep abreast with market needs and customer market trends. Utilizing detailed proprietary information and implementing the database is a strong point of the company to continue its growth should the new owner desire to expand the business into newer Porsches or additional makes. Utilizing such a high value inventory and the company's strength and long term brand recognition are great assets. Complete financial information, including tax returns, is available for qualified buyers. The current inventory value at the companys retail advertised price is approximately $1,500,00 The business includes name, equipment, customer lists, website, database and entire inventory

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