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Profitable Full Service Tunnel Car Wash
$475,000Cash Flow: $150,000
Profitable Full Service Tunnel Car Wash

Lawrence County, PA

Attractive location. Extremely low competition. Big signage and significant street frontage. Very consistent financials, high profitability, and significant upside potential. The wash can be kept as full service, and still offers actionable opportunities to increase both top and bottom line under this stable and consistent model. This is a great opportunity and option for first time buyers. The wash is also an ideal candidate for a flex model conversion. This is a great opportunity for either an ambitious first time buyer, or for someone already in the industry that is looking to expand their pre-existing car wash portfolio. The owner does own the real estate. The owner may be willing to sell the real estate simultaneously to the right buyer. The entire aspect of transacting in relation to the real estate must be done directly with the owner and outside of and separate from Car Wash Advisory. This includes lease transfer arrangements. This specific listing and representation by Car Wash Advisory is strictly for the business and business legal entity (not the real estate or real estate holding entity). The real estate is not included in the asking price and is not being marketed, advertised or advised on here. Car Wash Advisory receives no commission, payment, nor advises or brokers the real estate side of the transaction. Any and all things regarding the the real estate aspect must be discussed, negotiated, financed, and settled directly with the owner and outside of Car Wash Advisory LLC. Please reach out and contact us for additional information.

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