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International Regenerative Medicine Company
International Regenerative Medicine Company

Philadelphia, PA

This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire ownership of a revolutionary internationally located company prominent in the field of regenerative medicine with proprietary products and intellectual property that utilize the latest technology. With over 22 years of clinical based science & research backed by proprietary technology and IP, the company has developed multiple brands with the most advanced formulations to serve multiple niche markets. This unique service and product-based company is positioned perfectly to ride the next wave of scientific breakthroughs making this a very timely opportunity. The company employs several top-level medical doctors and specialist, 2 PhD’s, 2 RN’s, 1 auxiliary nurse practitioner, 2 master’s level micro biologists, 1 masters level hospital administrator, 1 HR director, 1 health care attorney, 2 marketing professionals, 1 marketing intern, 1 designer, 3 commission sales representatives and a professional advisory board and bioethics committee appointment. The Company occupies close to 8,000 square feet spread between two floors of a highly coveted medical tower in the most affluent neighborhood in the city. The facility consists of several examination rooms, several procedure rooms and a specialized ISO level laboratory and clean room. The laboratory features the most highly advanced scientific/medical equipment manufactured by the most respected brands in the industry. Assets include proprietary scientific protocols relating to cell culture, cell expansion, nutraceutical formulations vitamin & mineral IV formulations. The company holds a registered trademark for branded products like a proprietary PRP activation formula and more. The company also partially owns equity in a doctor training business, a skin care business and an equipment leasing business. The company has all necessary licenses that are un blemished and current. They have scientific, university, and hospital affiliations increasing safety and credibility. The company holds the only private company committee position within the government regulatory authority pertaining to regenerative medical compliance requirements.

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