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5Dry Cleaning and Laundry Plant / Retail StoreCash Flow Starts When You Turn The Key !!
$449,000Cash Flow: $215,000Seller Financing
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Plant / Retail StoreCash Flow Starts When You Turn The Key !!

Bloomsburg, PA

Starting with an established, mature business you hit the ground running with a proven profitable business that is expandable. Unlike a new startup business where the cost is high and profitability is truly unknown. At best a guess, only a guess. Even a proven franchisor will not tell you how much profit you can expect to make. They will only tell you how long they have been in business which you have compare to the average age of their outlets. Whether it is a franchise or an independent, you will not need a cushion of 3 years of operating capital along with living expenses while discovering what your fair share of the "Pie" may be. What is your fair share of the"Pie" (market)? Will you be able to attract and keep 25%, 30% or maybe 50% of your competitions customers? Hoping that the market is large enough that your share of the "Pie" will be enough to support you. Keep in mind that opening a new store does not expand the market. You will have to pull your customers from the existing competitors regardless of what "demographic" reports tell you. .This established business has already done all the "heaving lifting" with an established active customer list of over 4300 customers with more added everyday. You will not need to wait years to build up a customer base to become profitable. An Established business for less than the approx. cost of a new start up without the uncertainty and risk that new business's have. Awesome Location !! Great Visibility !! Easy In and Out !! Convenience !! Free standing 3100 Sq. Ft. building with 20 parking slots and 128' frontage and large pylon sign on main highway next to Major Coffee Franchise. With a Major Pharmacy Chain Store on the other side. In a major shopping area. Our customers often walk next door for their morning coffee after dropping off their cleaning order. When we started construction 8 years ago we had a lot of eager "sidewalk superintendents". We are the only Dry Cleaning and Shirt Plant within approx. 40 miles. Two previously existing plants in the area closed within 3 years of our opening. Goes back to how large the "Pie" is, along with Location, Visibility, Ease of access and Convenience. Nearest competition is 3 hard to find drop stores ( one is inside a floral shop ). GROWING AREA , Expanding Major Medical Center and Teaching Hospital nearby as well as the University and County Court House. A large number of professional office's with more being added every year, along with multi-story luxury apartment buildings and Townhouses currently under construction, with more in the pipeline. The Town is currently in discussions with a developer to build a convention center, high rise parking lot and luxury hotel. Equipment is well maintained and only 8 years old. We use an Environmentally Friendly Hydrocarbon solvent, DF2000, in our dry cleaning process, not Perchloroethylene as many of the older plants use, which is considered highly toxic and is either banned in other States and Countries or is being phased out. All business is currently over the counter. Business can be expanded by 20, 30 percent by adding pickup and delivery. There are a few other areas that would increase revenue that can be discussed later. Owner is not as energetic as he once was due to health reasons. Seller financing is available.

Well established UPS store
$260,000Cash Flow: $109,100
Well established UPS store

Columbia County, PA

The company provides numerous services to businesses and individuals from a convenient location. This store boasts high customer retention and repeat business.

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