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Have Your Money Make Money with Pets!Phenomenal Return on Investment, in a Fun Business!
$170,559Cash Flow: $51,168Seller Financing
Have Your Money Make Money with Pets!Phenomenal Return on Investment, in a Fun Business!

Marion County, OR

This business practically runs itself! Carefully planned and organized, the operation requires almost no owner involvement. If you have looked into other businesses on the Internet, you know how rare that is. And any business owner (or business school professor) will tell you that repeat business leads to long-term growth and stability. Why does this award-winning business have so much of it? One of the best ways to grow a business is to provide a service that needs to be done over and over again. When this is performed well, the combination of customer satisfaction and recurring need provides a platform for growth and stability. Then add related (consumable) products and you have a superb combination! Combine that business model with astute management, and you are looking at this opportunity. Many small businesses offered for sale are more like, well, grueling jobs (why would anyone pay for that?) Not this one (think financial investment with a fantastic return that you could never get at a financial institution!) Wouldn’t it be better to have a business that has loyal and happy employees operating according to tested policies and procedures? Then the cash flow is pretty much all “Take-Home.” Now for the fun part—it’s geared to people who love animals! I suppose you don’t have to love animals in order to be happy with proven historical above-market return on investment, but what a bonus for those who do. Let’s see—loyal repeat customers, stable cash flow, competitive price, super return on investment. Oh yes—and loyal well-trained employees (an especially valuable asset these days, when it’s hard to find good people.) Even the inventory (available at owner’s invoice cost) is carefully selected to enhance the company’s reputation as the only health food store for pets in the area! Could this be worth checking out? It would certainly seem so… One more thing—you wouldn’t have to spend much time there, but the time you do spend would be fun if you like dogs, cats, and other little critters! And people—don’t forget the people part. Animal lovers are some of the most interesting people around! You might ask, if this business is so good, why is it for sale? There are only a very few answers that make sense, and the best one is “it’s time to retire.” The owner wants to move on to a new phase of her life, enjoying new adventures. This, of course, is music to the broker’s ears. It means there is nothing wrong with the business, nothing forcing the sale. Could this get any better? Well, yes—it could. What about owner financing? It is so much easier and quicker than bank/SBA financing. Typically, sellers want the buyer to bring all of the money to close, and that is not always simple. Banks are (sort of) back in business these days, but they still have stringent credit, down payment, and collateral requirements. By the way, “collateral” is shorthand for a lien on your home in SBA language! In this case the owner is willing to consider substantial owner financing for the right person and the right purchase price. Not 100% financing, but substantial. This is another good reason to check this opportunity out, because the wise use of financing leverage increases the already superb return on investment. And one last point: transition support. The owner knows that this is important, and she is willing to do plenty of it. Details will need to be worked out, but she will be very hands on at first, then available for phone calls and emails for months afterward. That’s about it. The business-for-sale market doesn’t have many good opportunities at this price point (a lot of alleged businesses are really “jobs-in-disguise”, really not like financial investments.) And it certainly doesn’t have many businesses that run this smoothly and make such a strong return on investment at the same time. So, if you like animals, and want your money to make money, click on the link to request a non-disclosure agreement and then in a short time you can see the whole thing in detail. ###

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