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4New Well to Drill - & 2 Okfuskee County Oil Producers1 New Drill & 2 producers in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma
New Well to Drill - & 2 Okfuskee County Oil Producers1 New Drill & 2 producers in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

Castle, OK

BUYER(S) MUST be Accredited per SEC rules. ************************************************************************************* Okfuskee County, Oklahoma A consulting geologist took Radiometric readings on our Big Rich #1 prospect and found "This show surpasses any reading I have seen in the surrounding counties." He has used that equipment for 5 YEARS!!! The cost to drill and test is $8,000 per 1% Working Interest ("WI") with a .75% NRI. Once we log it, an election to complete would cost $2,700 per 1% WI. It comes with 160 acres that has never been drilled. We obtained satellite imaging data, seismic data, radiometric readings, structure maps, and topo maps. I have had 4 geologist evaluate this prospect and all 4 of them said it needs to be drilled. Acreage to the immediate south of us has 2 wells in this Hunton formation. The Replogle D made over 220,000 BBLS of oil and the Camp B-2 made over 110,000 bbls of oil. There is another well to the immediate west of our proposed location that made over 69,000 bbls. The Hunton zone, by itself, could make this prospect very rewarding. However, there are several other zones that are productive in the immediate area and we have reason to believe they are productive here too. We also own an injection well that is re-charging the Gilcrease formation. To date we have added about 60,000 bbls of water to recharge a known productive horizon and we have reason to believe this acreage will benefit from that. Water disposal costs are certainly competitive because of the injection well nearby. ********** Buyers MUST be Accredited.*********** Contact me for details. I have a questionnaire and a Private Placement Memorandum for the this prospect. *********************** Producers ************************** Okfuskee County Producing Oil Wells, known as the Taylor #1 (API #35-107-20781) and the Taylor #2 (API # 35-107-20860), located in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma. There is a zone, known as the Gilcrease, that shows to be productive on the electrical log for the Taylor #2. We have not found any records that the well was ever perforated in that zone and the production records do not indicate a spike in oil production, so if it was perforated, it could have been around 1980. However, both wells go to one tank. The Taylor #1 showed 27 bbls per day on state records. The Taylor #2 showed 3 bopd from the Cromwell formation. So, based on production records and no documentation found for perforating the Gilcrease, it is our opinion that the Taylor #2 was never perforated in the Gilcrease zone. That zone should be capable of 25+ BOPD. Our geologist notes that the log indicates a 20' sand with 5 feet of good porosity giving a potential for 28,000 bbls. However, if the 20' sand is better developed away from the wellbore, it could produce over 100,000 bbls. The cost to participate in this project is $10,000 per Unit of 10% WI each. We are looking to sell a total of 8 units for $80,000. We also own the adjacent lease known as the McMahan. It is equipped with an injection well that will help to keep our disposal costs below market, if and whenever the well makes water. In addition, I have a water supply well that is adding water to charge up the Booch in the Injection well. This should give us good results on shallow wells on the Taylor Lease.

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