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ZG- 2106 Aluminum Foundry
ZG- 2106 Aluminum Foundry

Franklin, OH

Description. The Business has casting capabilities and processes that few foundries have. Size and complexity of castings attract and retain customers. They can produce from one or a few pieces to a very large number of parts. Customers include Aerospace, Military/Defense, Automation, and OEM customers. They have certifications including AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015. The Business has definitely differentiated themselves and as a result continues to grow rapidly. Opportunities. The US Economy is doing well and growing. The Business serves the type of customers that need the castings and fabricated components that they make. There are a number of quotes that portend continued growth. Competition. There are ONLY a few foundries that can do what this business can do – due to the capabilities of the Business. Financial. Annual Revenues in 2017 were approximately $3.5 million. Revenues in 2018 are on track to exceed $4 million. EBITDA is running 20% or Revenues or higher. The Backlog has been growing and is currently over $2 million. Owner/Management. The Owner is active in the Business and will leave the Business after any reasonable transition period. He has in place day-to-day highly qualified management to run the Business. Production Assets. Assets that will provide additional capabilities such as Heat Treating are being added. Some pieces of equipment are very new, others older, but all are in good shape and used daily. Facility. The facility is located in Southwestern Ohio. It is currently being leased from a party related to the Owners of the Business. Moving the Business would be costly and for a lot of reasons not feasible. Asking Price. Contact us to discuss Pricing, Structure, and options. Timing. The Owner has given us the mandate to find a buyer and to achieve a Closing as soon as possible.

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