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2CEO Income OpportunityTeachers are America's Best Marketing Force
$55,000Cash Flow: $130,000
CEO Income OpportunityTeachers are America's Best Marketing Force

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

This business opportunity is limited to 18 licensing agreements across the nation. The owners, DO NOT have to be in the teaching profession. We train 2 top-level recruiters for you to expand your business footprint. It is a business with Executive Income, if you work on your own and CEO income, if you follow our step-by-step playbook and utilize our distribution network to build your own marketing force of teachers, nationwide. Although, we are a licensing agreement and NOT a franchise, imagine this scenario. You buy a franchise and then are allowed to open up as many others as you want across the nation without restriction. Of course, this would be a huge logistical undertaking with tremendous overhead of buildings, employees, payroll, benefits, insurance, inventory, accounting and regulations. Versus our licensing agreement with none of these elements and a zero overhead footprint. Our e-magazine attached below and our website, www.StrictlyTeachers.us, will fully explain this business opportunity. And with any business that produces revenue, it is always sellable. But a business with high-revenue and a zero operational footprint, sells for a multiple of 6-6.5x. This could be an exit strategy to bolster your retirement or a legacy to pass on to heirs. We are very transparent in our dealings. The capital outlay for this business is minute in relation to what it can deliver for you. Your upfront capital is not what makes our business profitable. As a matter of fact, it is but a paucity of value in what we will accomplish together. Your value to us and ours to you is in the strategic partnership we develop. You increase your earnings by continuously expanding the operational footprint of the model we built. We applaud your exponential growth and support it to the maximum with our media, digital tools, case design and document creation. So as you grow...so do we. Contact me, as I handle all licensing matters, personally. Dr. Francis John Maguire,PhD

Trust Practice Online Platform-29831
$300,000Cash Flow: $882,200Seller Financing
Trust Practice Online Platform-29831

Ocean County, NJ

This business opportunity is an extremely limited licensing agreement: 16 licensees will be offered. Owner is a renowned PhD in Finance, formerly, built Primerica (Jamie Dimon, now CEO of JP Morgan Chase) to 226,000 This company is a fast-moving opportunity in the world of finance, intersecting with the channel of 71M seniors that control 90 trillion in assets. This market will grow to 105M seniors with 120 trillion, by 2020. Seller will help buyer/Owner recruit at least 10 Executive Trust Officers (ETO) are made expert in copyrighted trust strategies that are the definitive method in transferring 33b of assets to the next generation with the utmost tax- efficiency. ETO produces $252,000 of revenue.(owner gets 35%- $88k off the top). Owner will recruit and build a marketing force of 10 (in 75 days) for the ETO, that will produce in the area of $880,000 net revenue, for the owner. We have the only, state-of-the-art,24/7 on line e-learning platform that teaches the science of trust planning. This is the value proposition that drives the entire enterprise and allows you to cast a dominant footprint without any competition.We build you, your own branded e-learning platform and lifetime license our content to you. This is as tuition-based platform that develops an additional revenue stream, for you. Our company model is the new generation high-volume e-Commerce business where ETO's work from their "virtual office" You receive 100% of the agency revenue. We supply your contracts, back office support, required trust design, client trust documents, print design, video marketing material and website that we build, host and administrate. The model scales nationally, as it is U.S. Tax Code formulated and has, online-reciprocal state licensing in the National Producer Registry. It allows for the building of an unlimited marketing force, across the nation with a structured-playbook, an array of digital tools and the only e-learning platform that makes this all possible. The capital acquisition cost for this business opportunity is $300,000. $200,000 down and the balance in a $100,000 note that bears 0% interest, for 18 months. Numbers presented are PROJECTED for a 10 member ETO sales force. Contact broker Joseph Stansky for more information.

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