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Run a State Furniture Division as Master Licensee Semi Absentee
$109,000Cash Flow: $324,000Seller Financing
Run a State Furniture Division as Master Licensee Semi Absentee

Manchester, NJ

A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart. --Jonathan Swift. For sale is a state furniture license and exclusive distributorship rights to the established KozyHome Furnishings, a profitable home decor/home staging franchise. This division is run rent-free, overhead-free, and location-independent. As the state’s master licensee, you’ll continue to collect earnings on hundreds of KozyHome dealerships and their various sales activities creating passive income and positive cashflow as either an absentee or fully active owner. HOW IT WORKS iDealFurniture, an Inc. 5000 licensing agency and parent company to KozyHome, has made it their business to help people own their own business in the furniture industry. As KozyHome dealerships open, sell selected furnishings, or upgrade accounts in your territory, you earn an override. iDealFurniture will continue to handle all points of contact, sales, support, and ongoing training allowing you the flexibility of developing leads on your own time and from any location. Six-figure streams of income come from: 1) Your own furniture and real estate staging sales (optional) 2) Earnings on all KozyHome dealerships sold in your territory (20%) 3) Account upgrade sales (20%) 4) Referrals you generate for dealerships anywhere in the nation (10%) 5) All designated furnishings sold in your territory (renegotiate your % with iDealFurniture) 6) Parent company stock earnings (also negotiable) NOTE: The gross revenue in this ad belongs to iDealFurniture. The cashflow is all yours. ABOUT THE DEALERSHIPS KozyHome is a home furnishings and home staging dealership with wholesale access to a variety of home decor items such as wall art, comfortable mattresses, and other furniture for the whole family. Dealers use their factory-priced access to share great deals on social media and decorate and flip real estate and Airbnb locations. Dealer licenses range from $6,900-$9,900. Learn more here: www.kozyhome.biz Let’s chat!

Nationwide Italian Leather Chain For Sale ~ Remotely Ran!
$159,000Cash Flow: $285,000Seller Financing
Nationwide Italian Leather Chain For Sale ~ Remotely Ran!

Jackson, NJ

Semi-absentee. Positive cashflow and profitable. Nationwide licenses already in place. Since 1982, the gals and guys over at iDealFurniture, an Inc. 2000 licensing company, have made it their business to put good people into the furniture business. Well over 300 authorized dealers and some 3,000 independent brokers thank their lucky stars for having answered an ad like this one. Now, these new economy marketers are achieving stratospheric success in the Italian leather home furnishings arena representing Leather Italia! WHAT'S FOR SALE: iDealFurniture is selling off 25% of its profitable and popular leather home furnishing division: KozyFurniture (featuring Leather Italia). And it comes with shares in their soon-to-be public, $2.4 million-dollar parent company ~ plus $15,000 credit on furniture for your own use! No, you are not in the business of brokering furniture. Yes, you are now in the business of helping others own their own piece of a billion-dollar market! GET INTO THE BILLION-DOLLAR FURNITURE BUSINESS Every day, independent business brokers from around the U.S. generate quality leads for licensed KozyFurniture dealerships. When a license is sold, you’re recompensed 25%. License fees range from $19,000 to $99,000 depending on territory and size/scope of business. Your ownership will increase the number of business brokers generating leads back to the parent company. More brokers, more leads. More leads, more good people taking advantage of the American Dream and owning their own business. ABOUT LEATHER ITALIA: The company launched with a promise to create and offer the best values and best quality available worldwide in the leather furniture market. Mr. Campbell created a culture and passion from what was born in previous years in the raw material supply markets and tannery world markets. Leather Italia takes great pride and honor in having the expertise and leather knowledge second to none, and the company, Leather Italia USA and team, is recognized worldwide for offering unmatched value and leather quality. http://www.leatheritaliausa.com CONSIDERATIONS: + Own 25% of the KozyFurniture Division featuring Leather Italia. + Make 25% on regional, state, and local licenses. + Receive company stock in a soon-to-be publicly traded company. + Run this remotely and with as little or as much leadership as you want (semi owner absentee or full participation). + $11,000 furniture inventory included in asking price for personal use. NOTE: The numbers in this ad reflect 2017 gross revenue and 2019 projected cashflow. Let’s talk!

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