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Owner/Distributor Outdoor Recreational Exercise Product For Sale
Owner/Distributor Outdoor Recreational Exercise Product For Sale

Houston, MO

This business owns and distributes a uniquely designed scooter within this growing segment of the cycling market. Production of this product with utmost quality and strict standards is a critical part of this industry. Designed for the upwardly mobile Millennial consumer group, the upward trend in sales demonstrates the increasing demand for the product. The product was recently featured on The Today Show. There are no geographic limitations and not only do they sell nationwide, but world wide. Healthy sales, gross profit and discretionary earnings make this a very attractive acquisition. This branded product has considerable opportunity for growth in both geographic regions as well as product diversification. This product is not only sold within the retail market, but opportunities exist within the business promotional market. New designs are ready for production with a factory primed to begin manufacturing. Buyer can either rent a small space for storing inventory, or simply use a 3rd party fulfillment company to handle warehousing and shipping thus allowing a new owner to work from home. Very little has been spent on marketing or internet advertising thus giving a new owner great opportunities to promote the product and build sales. Owner is willing to stay for a transition period. This product category is big in Europe and just starting to take off in the United States. New avenues of marketing both traditional and through social media will bring dividends. The product is in major retailers and sales can be grown through Internet sales. The information contained in this marketing is subject to change, corrections, or withdrawal without notice. Information provided herein has been provided by the Seller and not by Broker. The Seller has listed this business to be sold through an asset transaction vehicle and not through a securities transaction vehicle. This is not an offer to sell securities. This is not a solicitation to sell securities. Listing Broker Firm Jim Goldman Consulting LTD. For more information call Jim Goldman at Cell 832-746-1002 or send email to

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