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Metro Pcs Portfolio
$375,000 Cash Flow: $200,260
Metro Pcs Portfolio

Saint Louis, MO

Portfolio of three stores Metro PcsCell phone businesses for sale! $2,522,914.53 in sales for all three Stores Gross Profit $440,219.10 Call Us for more details one of the stores is rated as Number 4 in the Saint Louis Market Cell phone usage in America is expected to increase 650% by 2018. Although the U.S only claims 5% of the world’s mobile business, it claims almost 50% of global LTE subscribers. In the States, 97% of cell phone users have the opportunity to choose between at least three different carriers. This, of course, forces carriers to offer great deals to their subscribers. If you happen to be lucky enough to find and buy a cellphone business, you could be set in a relatively short period of time. Cell phone businesses make 225% or more profit on their merchandise when just parts and manufacturing labor are taken into account. After research, advertising, and marketing, that profit margin falls closer to a 100% markup per phone. Compare that to the roughly 18% profit Porsche makes on each new car sold, and it’s no wonder it’s hard to find a lot of cell phone businesses for sale. It’s always easier to take over an established business than it is to start one from scratch. Cell phone businesses with multiple income streams — including accessory sales, tech support and repairs — tend to thrive. Even if these options aren’t addressed by the cell phone business you acquire, additions are easy to implement in one of the nation's top business industries.

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