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Outdoor hunt,camp,fish products webstore for saleFishing, Hunting Camping online superstore, 47,000 products
$7,800Seller Financing
Outdoor hunt,camp,fish products webstore for saleFishing, Hunting Camping online superstore, 47,000 products

Grand Haven, MI

Hunting, camping, fishing products are all some of the things our family has done and shopped for online. People love the outdoors and will continue to shop online as the online sector grows. Our family has operated a single website online and have earned upwards of $30,000 in a month take home - a great living! We set our own schedule, travel a great deal and live life on the terms we have designed because of a website business that makes money 24/7! This store is loaded with close to 47,929+ products in all those categories. What we have learned in 18 years: • There are 7 core steps to Ecommerce - follow them + success follows (inquire) • Ecommerce business doesn’t come in a box or a printed training course that is outdate when it goes to print • Many, many free website builders or cheap services are there to make money or subscriptions, better to actually work with someone who has made money for 18 yrs. • Competition is unimportant for the strategic planner • Dropship can be bad - ask us why. • Working a 9 to 5 is akin to modern day slavery • A fast, but graphically well-designed site does matter • First page listing in search is not the goal, sales is, we've done it. • Competing on price can result in failure or at least very low profits • Taking well-planned action in business is critical to success, studying without action is not • Any skill level can run an online website - you can do this yourself without us or anyone elses help. This is just the fast track to sidestep expensive lessons. • You must carry ZERO inventory • Documenting what you test/learn is critical - we have logged 4,000 pages of proprietary info. You will have access to. We tested “easy” website builders and realized they are a waste of time. They sell the dream to sell subscriptions. It is easy to build a pretty (but worthless) website, sales requires a very specific strategy. We use technology unlike most competitors cannot even begin to understand. Why? Because we have been studying and mastering ecommerce since the internet first started. WHAT TO EXPECT? We work with you on every level to work at your pace. We show you how to get and keep customers and how to turn the side income into a full-time business that meets if not exceeds your dreams - its not an empty promise, we have lived the dream. Daily you will get the orders to the distributor, answer some emails and follow our lead on various marketing efforts. No more driving to work or living under some businesses schedule. WHAT’S INCLUDED? - Domain name (easy to remember) - Premier shopping cart software (USA-Based and secure) - Site design and copyright - 12 months of hosting - Support and training (no expiration date :) - 30 days of live data feed that updates products and images - Single U.S. Based distributor - only one source to order from - SSL certificate - Full database of all products and related images, etc. - Full access - no restrictions - Market report MOST IMPORTANT: Access to our proprietary knowledgebase loaded with close to 4,000 pages of information not available online. In these steps are what to do first, second, third, etc. There are some goal and personality forms *that we use for our family that we designed, that will help you identify exactly where you want to go and how to timeline it. This is very important, game changing, life changing material - it has and continues to change our life! WHY SELLING? I originally built a store for my son, he didn’t want it. When I decided to sell it, I looked at who was selling websites and I came up with two words - mostly incompetence. Not on purpose but they lack the experience I have. The information is free and you can use it as a benchmark or a standard with which to measure other websites, retail stores you might be considering. You will want the very different and expert perspective and what to watch out for. All the best! **Note, we are not selling to just anyone. It needs to be a good fit for us as well since we are going to work with the new owners for the rest of their online life. Call us to have a quick chat then we will send the information. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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