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Accredited Comprehensive Custom Testing Service for Industry
Accredited Comprehensive Custom Testing Service for Industry

Oakland County, MI

It has been a great 28 year run for the founder-owner-seller of this very impressive, successful and high cash flowing precision testing business; but now the seller looks forward to retiring after transitioning his business to only its second owner. Located in three, adjacent, attractive late model buildings (total of 34,000 sf) in a desirable community in SE Michigan, this state-of-the-art, accredited (ISO/IEC17025) testing facility has average annual sales of almost $5.8 million with just 22 skilled, non-union employees. Sales for 2018 are projected to exceed $6.2 million in sales and $2.5 million in EBITDA. The business has an estimated $2.0 million (value in place) of sophisticated testing equipment manufactured by commercial manufacturers and custom testing equipment designed and built by company engineers. The equipment efficiently handles testing assignments ranging from “A to V,” automotive fluids to vibration and everything in between. The company also has both dedicated testing chambers and sealed testing rooms to simulate whatever environments the customer needs for specific tests. Many of the testing assignments run (literally) for one year or more in a “lights out” environment. This niche business has redefined the term “barriers to entry.” The longevity of the business coupled with its reliability, fast response, and flexibility has made this company the “go to” testing source for OEM’s and more than 100 tier one and tier two customers in a myriad of industries ranging from automotive to aviation to pharmaceuticals/medical to general manufacturing. Not surprisingly, over the past three years, the business has a very impressive average annual sales of $5,800,000 and EBITDA of more than $2.0 million. The seller envisions a sale price which, in addition to the enterprise value of the business, includes the above-mentioned $2.0 million of equipment and physical inventory. Additional working capital can be negotiated as part of the purchase price. A seven-figure seller note will be available for a qualified buyer, and the seller will accommodate his post-close plans (weeks, months, or a few years) to meet the successful buyer’s needs. For more information about this outstanding business opportunity, please contact Steve Kandt (steve@praxisbb.com )

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