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Inflexion offers a full line of Transaction Advisory Services including Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Funding, Financial and Operational Due Diligence and Strategic Advisory Services.Capital Advisory Identify the Best Opportunities Whether you are interested in acquiring a company, selling your company, raising capital, leveraging your projects, seeking a business partner or entering a new market, Inflexion can point you in the right direction. Through in-depth strategic, financial, and industry analysis, we will assist in planning and executing your project. Our services include: Strategic Planning The primary goal of a corporate finance engagement is to enhance enterprise value, without taking excessive financial risks, and ultimately develop the best financing structure for each client. A well-defined business plan is the place to start. Inflexion will help you develop, clarify and document your business plan, including related financial and cash flow projections, and assist in the securing of the most appropriate financing. Capital Formation Every business has capital needs. Inflexion assists with the planning and implementation of those capital requirements. Decisions as to the appropriate amount of leverage, the type of debt or equity security best suited to the enterprise and the timing of the fundraising effort are all areas where we can provide insight and direction. Management Buyouts If the company, division or subsidiary you own or manage is being sold or divested, or if you would like to approach ownership about a management buyout, Inflexion will assist you. From making the initial contact with ownership to structuring the transaction, securing financing and guiding the entire process, we are your acquisition advisor. Mergers & Acquisitions Whether you are looking to access new markets, acquire a company, new product or service or dispose of non-performing or non-core assets, you need the advice of M&A professionals. The Inflexion team has both private industry and financial advisory experience. We understand that your key business drivers are different than those of other companies, so we address opportunities and exposures with an industry focus and attention to your particular needs. Transaction Support Whether you are buying, selling, or just thinking about it, Inflexion makes a point to first understand the unique transaction needs of your business. We customize our services and work side by side with you to achieve the desired outcome. We evaluate risks, identify opportunities, provide insight, and deliver high quality service in a timely manner to ultimately add value to each transaction. Let us work with you on: Financial Modeling Is that facility expansion worth the cost? Can you repay the financing costs from projected cash flow? A financial model may help you determine the best answer. Through financial modeling, Inflexion provides clients with a platform for creating a financial picture of a planned merger, acquisition, expansion or divestiture. It can also help you with product or service line expansion, as well as for budgets, loan applications, raising capital and overall comprehensive planning. It offers statistical data about relationships and trends, and will assist you in building an accurate, complete model including integrated financial statements. Buy-side Due Diligence Contemplating a purchase? Inflexion serves on your transaction team to analyze the assets and liabilities of your target acquisition, determine how cash is generated and look at financial and non-financial performance measures. We will also help you expose possible risks, hidden costs and weaknesses in operations. In addition to due diligence, Inflexion provides a series of other buy-side services. Prior to the close of the transaction and after it is complete, we help buyers with assistance on improving financial controls, back office functions, technological infrastructure, supply chain, and operational and customer management. Sell-side Due Diligence When you are ready to sell, Inflexion will help you by preventing price erosion, controlling the sales process and maximizing both the selling price and after-tax proceeds. We will help you uncover and address the downsides of your business before buyers do. Ultimately, we work to ensure the information going to the prospective purchaser from the seller is accurate and appropriate. By managing the process and helping you understand both the opportunities and challenges, we can assist in obtaining top dollar for the sale. Inflexion helps sellers realize the true market value of your assets, structure the purchase agreement, add credibility to facts, figures and information, and ensures the transaction is completed in a timely and efficient manner. Strategic Services When you need breakthrough performance improvements, Inflexion works with your management team to develop and implement growth and profit strategies. Whether your goal is to enhance profitability through changes in sales processes, operating expenses or administrative costs, our value is measured in process and profit improvements. Inflexion can assist you in areas including: Cash Flow Forecasting A cash flow forecast will help you gain a better understanding of where your company is going. Your business can be profitable and still experience difficulties due to cash flow issues. So, taking a hard look at this aspect of your business is critical to long-term success. Inflexion will help you forecast and evaluate your financial condition, estimate financing requirements and track cash-flow sources and uses. We will analyze liquidity and profitability, asset investment decisions, asset acquisition strategies and cash flow management. If you are contemplating a merger or acquisition, Inflexion will create a cash flow forecast of your business to determine how much debt financing it will be able to support, as well as a forecast to determine the viability of the business to be acquired. Operational and Capital Budgeting Operational and capital budgets are extremely important to the financial management of your business. Operational budgets typically span one year and are particularly useful in anticipating cash needs such as marketing, sales, operations and general administration. Capital budgeting is a long-term plan and addresses significant expenditures and identifies potential funding sources. Development of both budgets requires meticulous organization and planning. Inflexion will assist in the development of a comprehensive budget to address both your short- and long-term planning requirements, including “what if” scenarios to plan for contingencies. Project and Process Management The day-to-day management of your financial, administrative and technological tasks can distract you from focusing on more strategic elements like sales, marketing and customer relations. If you’re bogged down, and your accounting system, employee benefit plans or information technology systems are not keeping pace with today’s best practices, Inflexion can help. Working in concert with your existing staff, Inflexion will help you plan, design, implement and manage a custom-tailored solution for your most pressing needs.


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