sam filoromo

sam filoromo
Allied Business Funding Business Consultant Lancaster County, PA

About Me

Allied Business Funding specializes in facilitating the sale of quality seller financed (owner carry-back) business notes nationwide, allowing your client to receive a larger lump sum of cash now - supplementing their original down payment. They can sell all or some of their remaining payments to raise the exact amount of cash needed. We work with both existing notes and soon-to-be-created promissory notes before the sale is negotiated. Through our Tentative Offer to Purchase Program, your client can receive a no cost - without obligation cash out value for their sellable business note. Start earning additional income from your seller financed sales transactions. We'll pay you a 1.25% referral fee of the business note sale that goes through the escrow/title company. We use confidentiality when working with Business Brokers, Accountants, Attorneys, Realtors and Business Note Holders.


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