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Manufacturing Business Seeks Partner/InvestorCarbon Dioxide Extraction Machines
$50,000Cash Flow: $1,000,000
Manufacturing Business Seeks Partner/InvestorCarbon Dioxide Extraction Machines

Middlesex County, MA

We're currently involved in the assembly and installation of CO2 Oil Extraction machines and are looking for a partner to fund our expansion into the business of manufacturing our own line of these machines. There is currently a tremendous demand and production backlog for larger professionally manufactured carbon dioxide extraction machines. Some of our installation customers have waited up to six months for the delivery of just one machine. We're experienced in this space and have the knowledge and skills required to be successful on the lucrative manufacturing side of the CO2 extraction business as it applies to the legal cannabis industry. To give an idea of how profitable this business is, in the first year we modestly expect to sell just 10 of our midsized (pictured) units which will generate profits of over $1,000,000. For the grower, our midsized machines are very efficient and generate daily income of $8,000 to $10,000. We are offering a majority ownership position of 51% in the company for an investment of $500,000. We're flexible on how we structure things. Funds from our new partner will be utilized to obtain and equip a new shop. We have a goal of our partner breaking even in less that 18 months. We are open to a new partner that either wants to actively participate or play a more silent advisory role in the company. We're simply looking for good and friendly people to work with so that we can all profit from this generational opportunity. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions.

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