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3Sunglass Business - All Offers ConsideredRevolutionary Glare Blocking Polarized Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes!
Sunglass Business - All Offers ConsideredRevolutionary Glare Blocking Polarized Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes!

Buzzards Bay, MA

Solergy Visor Glare Blocking Wrap Around Polarized Sunglasses, 100% UVA/UVB protection for sports and every day use. cushioned case, XL cleaning cloth and sport band included. How many times have you gone from indoor artificial light to outdoor blinding sunlight? Your first instinct is to immediately bring your hands up, as a shield, over your eyes. Not only are you blinded, but, it's a painful experience. Our patented visor system will not only reduce the discomfort from overhead bright sunlight, it will eliminate it. The bright sunlight does not make contact with your eyes, as it does with all other ordinary sunglasses. Our sunglasses provide the absolute best protection and comfort for your eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

6Profitable well established Italian apparel Business for sale low rentSuccessful "Total Utilization of Square Footage Retail Model"
Profitable well established Italian apparel Business for sale low rentSuccessful "Total Utilization of Square Footage Retail Model"

Boston, MA

Multiple options. we could sell both operations or just one. Trademark and well established web presence . Great low rent ! The sale price is for a single location. it does not include the other location neither the trademark. Our value proposition, The stores were built with the intent to offer a wonderful luxurious and appealing environment where one can find a great selection of Italian fine apparel, shirts, ties cufflinks and other accessories. A great value for a great price. Our business model refers to the philosophy of “Total Utilization of Square Footage Retail Model”. We have successfully implemented this structure, and have since introduced many more products including suits, briefcases, sports coats, sweaters, and other pieces essential to a man’s wardrobe, without compromising the look and atmosphere of the store. This system was designed to not only to allow us to thrive, but more importantly to survive during challenging times that our industry faces by offsetting the cost of rent per square foot in a high foot traffic area in the greater Boston area. Thanks to our ability to operate at a different margin structure due to reduced costs, we have remained afloat during economic decline. As for our customers we provide top notch service and we always put our customers first! "As our customer you deserve to receive the best treatment. Our responsibility is the way you look." We wanted to create a unique shopping experience that contrasts significantly against large chain retailers by providing an atmosphere that almost feels like you are taking a step back in time. A time when custom tailoring and attention to detail were extremely important. We start by taking into consideration the customer career, personality, taste and style to accurately piece together a beautiful, tasteful and most importantly, useful, wardrobe. Our goal is to continue bringing our valued customers fine Italian shirts and suits born from a tradition of impeccable taste, and worthy of the label, Made in Italy. Progress has not changed our commitment to quality. Our manufacturers conduct their daily operations in a manner consistent with our characteristically high standards, paying particular attention to details throughout the crafting process. Our access to fabric selections from Italy allows us to bring you styles unavailable elsewhere. By utilizing textiles of premier fabric maker, Monti, we bring our customers meticulously woven cotton and wool ensembles sure to please the most fastidious dresser. Italian clothing is defined by its superior quality in terms of craftsmanship and the use of rich materials. Our customers can feel confident and fashionable wearing clothing created for those who demand superb attire at an exceptional price.We aim to reach customers in the global market with our signature products which are the result of a century tradition of Italian artistry.In June 2008, the owner of the Clothing Company , founded the company with the intent of continuing his father’s legacy in fine apparel by providing access to high end Italian made clothing at an affordable price. From the beginning of production in beautiful Italy, to the end result of leaving the shop feeling more confident, we are committed to our customers.

embroidery/screen printing over 30 years
embroidery/screen printing over 30 years

Barnstable County, MA

I'm 63 years old and ready to retire. My business has been on route 28 on Cape Cod for over 30 years. I have a big customer base that keeps me very busy, I don't even have to advertise. You can easily make your investment back in less than 3 years. I will stay for a months to train at no charge. We do embroidery and screen printing in house. We do Ad-specialties and signs, not in house. I have averaged over $500,000 a year, for last 3 years, with low overhead. The business has no debt. As part of the training you will learn graphic design. Creating designs is actually a lot of fun. You will learn how to do embroidery, all computerized and how to screen print. We also have a machine that can put pictures on shirts. My business has a great reputation. I'm very proud of being great at what I do. As an example of how much money you can make, let say you have an order for 144 gray shirts with a navy imprint on the front. That would take about an hour to print. If you gave the customer a great price of $5.75 per shirt, the gross profit would be about $576.00 for that hours work. Now as far as the ad-specialty part of the business. All you do is send in the order and you make a good profit. The embroidery is all computerized, just load the shirts, pick the design and thread colors and hit the start button. The machine will embroider 6 shirts at one time. You would have to see this business to know what a bargain it is. I am just giving this site a try for a bit, before I list with a broker. I just figured I could sell it cheaper to someone on here, no brokers fees. When you see the business in action you will be blown away. I know this is one of the best deal on here, but there is no way for you to know that without seeing it!

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