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2Harris Downeast Disposal IncThriving Waste Management Business
Harris Downeast Disposal IncThriving Waste Management Business

Ellsworth, ME

municiple, commercial, residential refuse removal services.

Renewable Green, Waste Vegetable Recycling
$125,000Cash Flow: $30,000
Renewable Green, Waste Vegetable Recycling

York County, ME

Burgeoning green energy, renewable recycling waste vegetable oil collection, cleaning, and reselling business. In the last few years the business has taken off, my demand is outstripping my supply, and I haven't the time to market and acquire new restaurant pickup customers (supply side). The business is in southern coastal Maine from Portsmouth, NH to Portland, ME where there is plenty of supply side growth potential.Dirty business but I lot of fun and hard work if that's for you. What comes with the business: * two 2500 heavy duty pickup trucks, one with a jib crane, one with a lift gate. Both have plows. One also has a cap. * one 6' x 10' dump trailer. * approximately 100 open top steel 55 gallon drums, with covers and rings. * portable filtering system. * portable centrifuge. * insertion stainless steel barrel heater. * miscellaneous pumps, filters, strainer baskets. * 24 regular customers, restaurants, others, that presently supply about 17,000 gallons per year. * several large demand-side customers that buy about 17,000 gallons per year ... but would buy more if I had it. A high potential for growth to the right person who knows how to market and has the time to do so. I don't have the time to market and grow the business.

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