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Gas Station, C-Store w/ Hard Liquor Sales, and Space for a Deli
$799,000Cash Flow: $362,000
Gas Station, C-Store w/ Hard Liquor Sales, and Space for a Deli

Lisbon, ME

Renovated Branded Gas Station with Liquor license Looking for new owner/ operator preferably experienced but will train to continue to run this gas station and manage it to its maximum potential. Currently it’s being remotely supervised from New York by the owner of property as an absentee. Details as follow: C-store 145 to 150k a month including liquor sales @ 30-35% margin (margins may vary with each merchandise) Restaurant , chicken franchise / deli (was opened-now closed) 300 to 500 a day. WAS generating 9,000 a month Lotto : 3,000 a month commission Gas : 90k gallons a month @ .06 Cents per gallon = $5,400 Misc: ATMS 500 +- , Air/vac 300 to 500 Gross Income approximately: $ 60 ,000 a month w/ Deli will be more. Rent: $ 10,0000 including taxes and insurance Payroll : TBD ( payroll should be no more than 20k budget, can also include yourselves in the 20k payroll to add back to your net profits ) Electricity: $1200 (can vary) Business insurance: 300 to 500 Workers comp: 300 to 500 2% on credit card purchase fees for store sales. (You will not be responsible for credit card fees on gas ) Approximately 28-30,000 NET (+-) Open 24 hours. Currently owner absentee operated. Lease terms offer is 5 years with option to renew for another 5. New owner/operator will not be responsible for environmentals, the property other than general maintenance such as snow removal and keeping the property clean. Tanks , pipes etc are maintained by landlord. Asking Price 799k Please call or Text Sarah Mitchell @ 631-448-1296 for additional information that's not covered.

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