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Speech Analytics Software For SaleSpeech Analytics Software For Sale
$300,000Cash Flow: $400,000Seller Financing
Speech Analytics Software For SaleSpeech Analytics Software For Sale

Louisville, KY

Opportunity: This investment opportunity is a proprietary-custom Speech Analytics Software (Patented) Solution (advanced speech analytics business tool) that filters customer interactions and provides companies with actionable intelligence about their business, customers and market, instantly producing key customer data and predicts critical business threats. The owner of this software created/designed for the sole purpose of selling the Software/Product to a strategic Buyer. The Software/Product was tested on several applications primarily to prove and test the Software/Product in the market place. The ideal buyer must have existing and strong marketing and distribution channels to be able make this software product very successful in the marketplace. The revenue and cashflow (EBIDTA) provided are future projections) Vast amounts of business intelligence are going unutilized every day. The software consists of speech analytics software to gather and organize vital information from customer interactions and quickly reveal developing opportunities and threats. The software can be utilized in providing professional services to their customers in the areas of data mining, analytics, and custom development of business intelligence solutions. The Software solution is currently cloud based or on-premise software solution deployable across the vast majority of hardware and software environments found in contact centers. The software searches for new audio each minute and then utilizes a phonetic engine to decompose these audio files into a series of phonemes that are then structured for efficient search and reporting. There is no user intervention required; the software runs continuously and processes the audio immediately upon call completion. Users can perform unlimited ad-hoc or pre-defined phrase searches, playback results, and organize results in files and folders from a single screen in the user interface. Reporting capability and dashboard features convey timely data in a configurable graphic format to meet the needs from the floor supervisor to the C-suite executive. Business Summary: The software and professional services are utilized to transform multichannel customer interactions (voice, chat, text, email) into critical business intelligence. Today, customer contact centers record all customer interactions and manually listen to a very small percentage of each agent’s calls for quality assurance. The software's speech analytics solution improves the quality assurance process by analyzing 100% of calls in near real-time, organizing critical data, and delivering actionable information for supervisors with a fraction of the effort. More importantly, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and other functional areas of the business can now mine the voice of the customer for valuable business intelligence that can be leveraged. The software architecture has been designed to incorporate multiple channels of customer communications and associate these analytics with transaction histories and other customer data to support comprehensive customer experience management. Market: There are an estimated 14 million contact centers seats in the U.S. According to a 2011 DMG Consulting report, less than 11% of contact centers had adopted speech analytics. We anticipate acceleration in adoption of speech analytics over the next 5 years as businesses recognize value from their initial efforts to analyze their structured data and increasingly seek greater insights from the unstructured voice of their customers. The market for speech analytics solutions is over $11 billion, assuming 100% adoption and an average price per seat of $800. Uses of the software is driven primarily by three sources of value: 1) efficiency gains in existing quality assurance programs, 2) compliance with increasingly stringent regulations governing telephone communications and disclosures in specific industries, and 3) insight into the voice of the customer that can be leveraged to increase sales efficiency, reduce customer churn, and generally improve the customer experience. The software is particularly well suited to the small and medium sized contact centers due to its ease of use and relatively light impact on the technology infrastructure. A typical customer will have capacity to handle 25-250 simultaneous customer calls. The software solution is scalable to larger operations as well as businesses with multiple locations. The application of this software is international and constrained only by the language packs available for our software. Key Benefits and Advantages of this Speech Analytics Software Solution: Affordable – The expense of the current market-leading speech analytics providers is out of range to all but the largest of businesses. The high costs of set up, consulting and professional services often exceed the cost of the solution itself. This software product is half the price of many competitors, generating a faster return on investment and lower cost of ownership. Fast Set Up – By eliminating the complexity of system deployment, and by streamlining set-up, call classifications and business scenarios, the average deployment time of this software product is less than 3 days. User-Friendly – The interface of this software product was developed to create a friendly and familiar user experience without distracting feature overkill. The easy and rapid access to the data you need creates added time to explore and monitor additional business case scenarios, adding to the return on investment, and gaining more understanding from your customer interactions. User training is typically less than 60 minutes. Vibrant Descriptive Dashboards – The role-specific dashboards clearly identify critical trends by a business case, term, and phrase. Dashboards are easily created by the individual user with configurable timelines and single click drill-down capabilities to each customer interaction enabling simple access to the root cause. With an array of visual tools at your fingertips, interaction analysis results can be sliced and diced to help identify business opportunities within any customer interaction. Custom Data Integrations and Custom Features – This software product’s open system architecture design reduces the time for custom feature development if needed, and permits integration of custom data fields from other internal structured data sources such as CRM and telephony, generating added critical data correlations with the actual voice of the customer. Actionable Intelligence – In addition to easily discover, organize and visualize important data, This software product will deliver critical alerts on the most sensitive issues such as product defects, legal or compliance issues or competitive changes. Case file folders allow you to organize results for additional analysis, agent training, enhancing agent productivity or improving customer sentiment. This software product gives customers total insight into the voice of the customer with minimal effort and cost, improving all aspects of your business, resulting in an improved bottom line. Technology – The patented technology of this software product delivers accelerated audio processing speeds for high volume traffic and effortlessly correlates the true dollar values of customer comments and feedback to improve the organization's bottom line.

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