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E-Commerce Business with Unique Inventory
$199,000Cash Flow: $107,826
E-Commerce Business with Unique Inventory

Kansas City, KS

This business is a mix of high tech and old school. Selling on the internet is not that much different than the old Sear’s catalog sales…except for a few things. Like not having to print a catalog, or figure out how to get it into potential customers’ hands, or opening up envelopes with orders and typing them into your inventory system. Yes, all that is automated and operates for you 24/7 without you having to do any manual processing once you have created the listing of the product. But we do actually own the products, handle them, box them up and ship them to our customers every day (well, actually Mon – Fri, except when we don’t…there is great flexibility in this business). And we do get our hands dirty sometimes. This is not a business for someone who wants to wear a suit & tie everyday to work…or have to be “on time” promptly at 8 or 9 or…whenever. Still, we do satisfy our customers (99.7% of the time), so we have many repeat customers. We sell an eclectic assortment of items to businesses (mostly) and consumers (some). Some sell fast, some sell slow. Some we sell at 2-3 times what we pay for them. Some we sell for more than 10 times what we pay for them. We sell on several different channels, but should use more. Someone with more technical expertise and savvy can easily increase sales by 50% or more. Someone with savvy in Social Media could undoubtedly add another 50%. More energy would help, too. Current owner is already mentally retired, arthritic, and complacent (some would even say cranky). NOTE: Inventory is included - the value is Selling (Listed) price, not cost, because margins make cost a misleading number in this instance. For details, complete a simple NDA and financial statement – I will train as best I can (I’ve made a lot of mistakes – no point in you making the same ones…you’ll find enough new ones on your own). But I don’t want to waste time – yours or mine - if you can’t afford to buy it.

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