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Acquisition Opportunity in Oil & Gas and Underground Containment
Acquisition Opportunity in Oil & Gas and Underground Containment

Hutchinson, KS

Acquisition Opportunity in the Oil & Gas and Underground Containment/Emplacement Industries Company A and B are owned by the same investment group, and seeking to divest one or both assets or receive an investment into the combined entity. Company A was founded in 1998, and is an oil/gas equipment rental business that provides specialized oilfield and environmental equipment to various companies within the oil/gas and environmental industry. Company A is located in Central KS. It has a variety of different types of equipment that is fully tested, inspected and in excellent working condition before sending out to our customers. The equipment and tools are available in many sizes and has the flexibility to locate other assorted items of equipment that is not currently in inventory. The company has maintained profitability for the last 3 fiscal years even in tough times for the Oilfield. • Total Asset Value of $2m, very little debt • Revenue of $710k in 2013, Profit of $400k showing what can be done in peak oil climates. Has remained profitable EVERY year through 2017 since. • Equipment: o 18 Frac/Environmental tanks o Blow out Preventers of various sizes o Closing Units of various sizes o Flanged Adaptor Spools of various sizes o Companion Flanges of various sizes o Double Studded Adapters of various sizes o Casing Scrapers of various sizes o Slips and Elevators of various sizes o Containments o TIW Valves of various sizes o Portable Flare Unit with Separator o Portable Light Plants/Light Towers o Environmental Well Head Catch Bowl Containments o Generators o Plus Misc Other Equipment Items Company B was founded in 2013, and is an environmentally clean, green and safe facility that allows various industries a viable option to get rid of their non-hazardous beneficial reuse material by emplacing into old abandoned cavern storage wells to enhance stabilization. The option allows numerous industries to reach their goal of becoming zero landfill with their operations. The reference material they accept at Company B is reused in filing up the old abandoned cavern storage wells with a heavy denser material to prevent any sinkholes from occurring. With this said, it is a commercially permitted Class V Emplacement well facility through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) that can accept semi-liquid and dry types of material. The term commercial does bring with it challenges in order to keep up with the incoming volumes especially dry dirt/soils/clays/sand etc. This is where the advanced material innovative process comes into play. Company B is currently working with several quality individuals/engineers to redesign or refabricate their existing dry dirt processing equipment to meet their needs. Company B is looking for a partner for to scale the business, or could sell it outright. It should be mentioned that there’s been customer diversification to take in additional beneficial reuse material not associated with Oil & Gas which has really helped in the total overall revenue (running about 60-70% Oil & Gas, and the balance made up of remedial clean-up, salt mining and brine pond/lagoon sediments). The main selling point is that our facility is a very environmentally green and clean option with a lot of potential as the environmental regulations get stiffer and stiffer.

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