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Fantastic Natural Artesian Spring Water Resource
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Fantastic Natural Artesian Spring Water Resource

Kendallville, IN

The most perfect spring water in the world doesn’t come from the French Alps or the Fiji Islands. The spring water that has the most perfect mineral content, an alkaline 7.4pH. Absolutely pure test results and arguably the smoothest taste comes from the rolling hills of northeast Indiana. This Natural Artesian Spring Water flows from an ancient aquifer that was created during the last Ice Age. This naturally pressurized aquifer, vast beds of gravel and sand sandwiched in a 200 ft. thick layer of Blue-Green clay is as pure today as it was thousands of years ago. The mineral content consists of all six Electrolytes (vital mineral salts) Calcium, Magnesium Sulfate, Chloride, Potassium and Sodium (only 3 mg.) Also 13 mg of silica. Drink 100% of your RDA of water drinking and you get 90% of your Calcium and 80% of your Magnesium! According to the bottled water web what consumers want is: “A natural spring water, with beneficial minerals, that tastes good.” That describes our water. A recent hydrologic study has concluded that there are over 400 gallons per minute (GPM) available. The entire property wasn’t available for study because of row crops , but the gravel layer was thickening rapidly from 26 ft. thick next to the spring to 88ft. thick less than 300 ft. to the southeast. The bottom 20ft. was excellent coarse gravel and the potential is there for up to 1,000 GPM as the gravel layer continues to deepen. There are many possible uses for this spring water. A natural energy drink because of the 200mg of Electrolytes. It’s a great base for a new energy drink brand, just add Sodium, Potassium and a natural flavor and you would have the best energy drink in the market. It also makes superior craft beer. No need to add minerals. We have worked with a professional and brewed a batch of Amber Ale that was truly amazing. You could also produce distilled spirits. The huge volume of water means many options and potential products. Study is available upon request.

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