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Innovative startup for sale in Firearms industryProven Internet based business - ready to scale -
$49,000 Cash Flow: $32,000
Innovative startup for sale in Firearms industryProven Internet based business - ready to scale -

Algonquin, IL

The c4m3ron is a patent pending product that targets approximately one million users (in a 10M market) predominantly in the USA. Well liked and recognized brand with 100% customer satisfaction !! Offering a specific solution for a specific customer, the c4m3ron is ready to scale after 3 years of proven sales. Background: Since 2001, the cost of most rifle and handgun ammunition has increased by over 200%. Brass cartridges account for 60-65% of your ammunition investment. Leaving that investment on the ground after shooting does not make much sense. Shortage of ammo also drives prices upward. Ammo components can be stored over long periods of time without risk of deterioration. ACCURACY, Everyone wants to hit the bulls-eye. Reloading at a range delivers accuracy, rather than using general ammo manufactured for all types of rifles or handguns. Example: 9mm ammo is produced to work in all 9mm guns, which must fit the shortest action and the tightest chamber. When reloading for your 9mm weapon, you are able to load up to the maximum industry cartridge length or the length it allows to optimize accuracy. WHERE: IN YOUR BASEMENT; Most re-loaders are stuck in their basements or garages with reloading equipment mounted to their work benches. It takes lots of care, time and investment to get this far. Alternative reloading options are not easily considered. Increases in performance and accuracy are measured and tested at the shooting range, where reloading adjustments can be performed. Portability of reloading equipment is required. RELOADING ALONE, Traditionalists end up alone when reloading in isolated locations. Most re-loaders assume responsibility of reloading and therefore revert to the “work-place” to do their “work”, Friends or family members are not attracted to these locations and hours go by reloading alone. Loved ones or friends are more likely to join in your reloading activities, if more accessible The Traditional Reloader Well established in the garage or basement using the workbench. CUSTOMERS: Apartment Dwellers & Preppers Heightened level of interest among apartment dwellers and preppers. * Portability and the ability to reload in confined spaces encourages reloading The Young Enthusiast (new entrants to the market) They realize it makes economic sense to reload. * Portability helps with mobility & versatility. Females (new entrants to the market) 35% new female gun owners over the last year. * They prefer reloading when it’s a family or social activity.

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